#P7 No money offer means no talks in health professionals bargaining

Bargaining bulletin

Contract talks between the paramedical professional unions and the Health Employers Association of B.C. deteriorated April 11 when the employer refused to table a wage proposal or to remove concession demands from the table.

“The Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association tabled a proposal that offers solutions for the severe shortage of paramedical professionals in the B.C. health system almost two weeks ago. But HEABC refuses to come to the table prepared to talk,” said HSA’s Rick Lampshire, who is also the bargaining association’s chief negotiator.

“While HEABC hangs onto outrageous concession demands that would see already overworked paramedical professionals work more hours, they refuse to talk about what these highly skilled health care professionals need to keep them here in B.C.”

The unions have tabled a demand for a 30 per cent wage increase over two years to make up for very low or zero wage increases the past two years.

Lampshire said that the HEABC’s refusal to table a wage proposal forced the unions representing 14,000 health science professionals to serve notice that they will not resume talks until after a strike vote being conducted this week.