#P890 per cent strike mandate prompts employer offer

Bargaining bulletin

Mediator Stephen Kelleher meeting with unions and employer

A strong strike mandate on the table, the Paramedical Bargaining Association and the Health Employers Association of B.C. jointly agreed to the appointment of Stephen Kelleher as mediator and talks started on Tuesday, April 24th.

On Thursday, May 3 the employer tabled a monetary offer that, while it falls far short of our demands, does merit consideration as an opening position. A number of major concessions, including attacks on vacation time have been removed. The offer included a modest wage increase with additional premiums to address recruitment and retention issues and addresses issues related to on-call and transportation.

The bargaining association tabled a counter-proposal late Thursday, May 3rd and expects an employer response when talks continue Saturday, May 5. Talks are continuing from Tuesday, May 8, through to Thursday, May 10.

Under the terms of the mediation agreement, if talks break down and the mediator books out, the bargaining association may not serve strike notice for 48 hours and job action cannot commence until 72 hours after that.

HEU overwhelmingly supported the bargaining association strike mandate with a 93 per cent yes vote.