Radio ads underscore community social services bargaining demands - #1

Bargaining bulletin

Wage parity, successorship protection main messages in province-wide ad campaign

Two radio ads supporting community social services sector bargaining air throughout B.C. from January 7 to January 20. The 30-second spots, co-sponsored by HEU, the BCGEU and CUPE, highlight care-providers’ two main demands for wage parity with other health workers and for successorship protection.

“The ads emphasize the value of community social service workers on the one hand and the unfair treatment they receive on the other,” said HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt.

“The ads are part of our ongoing campaign to educate politicians and the public about our demands as we enter a critical stage in bargaining.

“The fact that these ads are jointly sponsored demonstrates growing solidarity between the unions who are bargaining for new community social service contracts.”

Over the next few days, HEU community social service care-providers and their supporters will reinforce the radio messages in a letter writing campaign to community newspapers.

HEU and CSSEA meet January 12, 1999 to begin negotiating essential services levels. At this time, no new bargaining dates have been scheduled.

In mid-December HEU community social service workers voted 97 per cent in favour of possible job action. CUPE, B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union and HSA members in this sector are conducting strike votes this month.

Talks between HEU’s 700 community social service care-providers and CSSEA began in April last year and collapsed in mid-November. Most workers have been without a contract since March 1998.