Sodexho’s newest members hold first bargaining session

Bargaining bulletin

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The bargaining committee representing 350 of HEU’s newest Sodexho members tabled a comprehensive collective agreement and wage package in its first face-to-face meeting with the company Friday. But the main message from Sodexho is that they will continue to push the Labour Relations Board to overturn a decision that allowed Sodexho employees to join HEU in the first place.

And the company also says it may want a two-tier contract that treats hospital housekeepers differently from those in long-term care.

“It’s time for a reality check for Sodexho,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy. “In British Columbia, workers choose their own union and these workers chose HEU.

“I encourage Sodexho to accept that decision and get serious about reaching a first contract with its employees. Targeting long-term care workers with inferior wages and conditions is not a good way to start.”

This round of talks covers Sodexho cleaners at Burnaby General, Chilliwack General, Royal Columbian and Surrey Memorial hospitals as well as the Queen’s Park, Fellburn and Heritage Home care facilities.

The members of HEU’s bargaining committee are: Burnaby General: Paul (Leo)Oyando, Saras Sukh, Irene Tate and Shelta Chand Chilliwack General: James E. Walper and Melissa Robinson  Royal Columbian: Linda Pitts, Diane Johnstone, Marlene Long and Ken Scott Fellburn Care Centre: Mely Otucan and Ruth Rao Queen’s Park: Diane Fox and Maria Pizarro Surrey Memorial Hospital: Linda Mitton, Vandhana Naido, Willy Chua and Zenaida Hukom

For more information, contact HEU bargaining director Susan Fisher or HEU servicing representative Della McGaw at 604-438-5000, or call the 24-hour bargaining hotline toll free at 1-800-663-5813, extension 1515, or 604-739-1515 in Vancouver.