Sodexho fails to meet deadline set by mediator in contract negotiations

Bargaining bulletin

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Sodexho has failed to meet the Saturday afternoon deadline set by mediator Vince Ready to respond to his recommendations for a first contract with 1,400 HEU members.

HEU announced Friday that its Sodexho members voted 65% in favour of those recommendations.

“Mr. Ready gave both sides three weeks to make a decision,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy. “We used that time to conduct votes of our 1,400 members and respond by the deadline.

“By missing this deadline, Sodexho is showing disrespect to our members and to the process set out by Mr. Ready.”

The union will be contacting Mr. Ready and the Labour Relations Board Monday morning to assess its options, and the Sodexho bargaining committees will also be discussing the situation later today.

“The anxiety this causes our members — especially at this time of year — is unnecessary and uncalled for,” says Darcy.