Sodexho: Monetary issues coming to the table

Bargaining bulletin

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Member-driven campaign to tell employer: "Sodexho workers deserve fair wages"

The HEU Sodexho bargaining committee will be ready to table monetary proposals - with solid backing from members - when first contract negotiations covering the company's workers in the Vancouver Coastal and Fraser health authorities resume in April.

"So far, our bargaining committee and Sodexho have discussed most non-monetary issues and have made good progress," says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

"In April's sessions, we'll be concentrating on monetary items including better wages, workload language and improved benefits."

To support their bargaining committee and their monetary proposals, HEU Sodexho members are mounting a campaign under the slogan "Sodexho workers deserve fair wages".

Darcy says that Sodexho members understand the positive influence workplace campaigns can have on bargaining.

"In February, our Sodexho food service, housekeeping and long-term care members mobilized quickly and effectively to get the employer to the bargaining table," she says.

"Now they're standing up for fair wages, benefits and working conditions." Using the "It's Time to Bargain" postcard campaign as a model, HEU Sodexho bargaining committee members will be in touch with work site representatives to help build wide-spread member participation.

"Active, informed members can make all the difference at the bargaining table," says Darcy. "It's a good incentive for employers to bargain seriously."

Sodexho bargaining resumes April 12 - 14 with further dates scheduled for April 20, 21, 27 and 28.