Sodexho/Shannon Oaks: Solid progress made in contract talks

Bargaining bulletin
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HEU's Sodexho/Shannon Oaks bargaining committee met with Sodexho for a second negotiating session on February 3 and was able to reach agreement on a range of non-monetary issues.

Both sides agreed on language for a grievance resolution process, maternity and parental leave and protection against harassment on the job.

And concrete progress was made on several other important workplace issues including job postings, seniority hours, scheduling for work and call-in for work by seniority.

The two sides plan to meet again within the next two weeks to continue negotiations and to address monetary issues.

The following members of your bargaining committee can be contacted for more information:

Alvin Chand Nina Bartolomeo Susan Fisher, HEU bargaining spokesperson Eleanor Schmidt, servicing representative (Ruth Amend is on vacation)