Talks continue at all tables

Bargaining bulletin

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Talks continued Monday for HEU members at four different bargaining tables.

At the facilities table, where negotiations for 38,000 hospital and long-term care workers are in their seventh week, discussions focused on the critical issue of job security for a second day.

HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy, who is the lead union spokesperson in those negotiations, says the union bargaining committee is working flat out to find a settlement.

"We're trying to close the gap with employers as much as we can before we take a tentative agreement out to members,” says Darcy.

“And with the current contracting out cap set to expire at the end of the month, employment security is key to a settlement.”

Votes are scheduled to begin next week.

At the community health table where talks affect 1,500 HEU members, health employers finally tabled a response to union proposals on wages and job security.

It"s expected that the focus will remain on these issues when talks resume Tuesday.

HEU community social services members in Victoria attended a bargaining report-out meeting Monday and these meetings will continue through the week in other parts of the province.

The negotiations in this sector, which cover 1,200 HEU community social services members, resumed Monday after breaking for the weekend.

At the paramedical professional table, where HEU represents a number of members, union negotiators are waiting Monday night for employers to respond to the unions’ latest position tabled this afternoon.

Darcy says that HEU members are being well-represented at all tables by their elected bargaining committee reps.

“These women and men are spending weeks away from their homes and their families,” says Darcy. “I know that all HEU members appreciate their time and effort at the bargaining tables.”