Three community social services certifications ratify first contracts

Bargaining bulletin

Substantial wage and benefits improvements bring workers closer to parity with counterparts in health care HEU members at KDJ Alliances (Burlwood and Lost Lake Homes) in Nanaimo, Fian Group Home in Duncan and Peers Support Services (Mainwaring Site) in Victoria have recently ratified their first collective agreements. The 40 members are now covered by the Standard Community Social Services Collective Agreement negotiated between HEU and the Community Social Services Employers’ Association last year. All are entitled to retroactive wage increases, Fian Home and Peers employees to September 30, 1999 and KDJ Alliances employees to March 31, 2000. By October 1, 2000, workers’ wage gains will range between 27 per cent and 44 per cent. Health and welfare benefits began August 1, 2000 for all the workers, none of whom had any prior coverage whatsoever. Gains include basic and extended medical, dental, vision care and prescription drug coverage. And in a separate vote, the three bargaining units have also voted to join the long-term disability (LTD) plan offered in the Standard Agreement. These workers join more than 1,000 HEU community social services sector members who are making substantial gains toward equity and parity with their counterparts who do the same or similar work in health care. These community social services care providers at KDJ, Fian Home and Peers provide support and services in the community for physically- and mentally-challenged adults and at-risk youth.