UFCW lends support to HEU members

Bargaining bulletin

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President Sundin urges food workers to write their MLAs, call for fair bargaining

HEU members negotiating for a new collective agreement received a big boost yesterday with a strong letter of support from United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1518 president Brooke Sundin.

In his March 23 letter to all Local 1518 members, Sundin emphasized the close ties UFCW has maintained with health care unions and the long history of mutual support between HEU and UFCW.

After outlining the massive job losses our union has suffered since the BC Liberal government came to power, he urged his members to take action.

“These dedicated hospital workers have already suffered enough misery at the hands of the provincial Liberals and they deserve our support,” he wrote. “The people responsible for the outrages in the hospitals and the HEU negotiations are the BC Liberal MLAs.”

To help HEU members win a fair contract that will protect their jobs, wages and benefits, Sundin then urged all his members to send an e-mail to their MLAs.

“[Tell] him/her that you support the workers who provide the care to patients in our hospitals and expect your elected representatives to treat them in a fair manner at the bargaining table,” Sundin wrote, providing an online list of MLA e-mail addresses.

For the complete text of Sundin’s letter, please visit the UFCW Local 1518 website at: www.ufcw1518.com