Union calls on Labour Board to end Compass bargaining impasse

Bargaining bulletin

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HEU has filed a complaint with B.C.’s Labour Relations Board regarding Compass Group’s continued refusal to bargain single collective agreements for employees working in the company’s Morrison (food services) and Crothall (housekeeping services) divisions.

Despite an LRB ruling in 2005 directing Compass to bargain as a single unit – and a subsequent decision from B.C.’s Supreme Court upholding that ruling – the company has continued to present two separate collective agreements for housekeeping and food services workers at both the PHSA and VIHA bargaining tables.

“Compass’ refusal to accept, and respect, the LRB’s ruling on this matter has created a major stumbling block at the bargaining table,” says HEU bargaining spokesperson Heather Compton. “We’ve asked the LRB to intervene because we need Compass to focus on the issues at hand and get down to the business of negotiating a fair collective agreement for their workers.”

The complaint, which was lodged on August 21, 2006, says Compass has violated sections 11 and 47 of the Labour Relations Code by failing to bargain in good faith.

First collective agreement negotiations with Compass began on January 31, 2006 in the PHSA and on April 27, 2006 in VIHA.