Union negotiates with Park Place Seniors Living to bring care in-house

Bargaining bulletin

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The Hospital Employees’ Union recently met with representatives from Park Place Seniors Living with a proposal that laid-off workers from Hilton Villa and Cartier House be hired by the residential care service provider when their commercial contract with the Health and Personnel Services Inc. (H.A.R.P.S.) expires in July.

At that time, Park Place can either hire the workforce directly or contract out the work. These current talks are taking place under the contracting-in provisions of last year’s Bill 29 settlement agreement.

In March, H.A.R.P.S. announced it was cancelling its care contract with Hilton Villa and Cartier House, and later issued lay-off notices to 140 staff.

During an April 22 meeting, HEU encouraged Park Place to hire the current workforce directly, and honour those workers’ seniority gained while working for H.A.R.P.S.

The union’s proposal also includes wages, benefits and other non-monetary provisions.

HEU and Park Place Seniors Living - a family-owned company that offers seniors’ care, retirement and assisted living services at 11 locations in B.C. – will be meeting on May 13 for further negotiations.