Wages, benefits of new Sodexo collective agreement come into effect

Update for members working for Sodexo in long-term care sites, as well as the Vancouver Coastal and Fraser health authorities
Bargaining bulletin

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On June 5, HEU met with Sodexo management to confirm plans for putting in place the changes and improvements that were negotiated in the new collective agreement.

Sodexo confirmed that hourly wage increases will begin in the June 13 pay period. Members will see these increases on paycheques they receive on the July 3 payday. Employees entitled to the increased night shift premiums will also receive the first payment on the July 3 payday.

Members will receive $0.30 per hour retroactive pay to January 1, 2009 and $0.35 per hour retroactive to April 1, 2009. This will be paid out on the July 3 pay period in a separate tax statement to avoid increased taxation. The union recommends that members carefully check the number of hours recorded on this cheque and report any problems to their supervisor immediately.

Casual employees, who work 20 or more hours per week for 12 weeks, are now eligible for benefits and regular float status. Eligible casuals will be able to enroll in the benefits plan in late-August 2009, and benefits entitlement will begin September 1, 2009. HEU and Sodexo are currently discussing the implementation of the regular float positions. More detailed information will be available in the next few weeks.

Copies of the new collective agreements are being prepared and should be ready for members in September 2009. In the meantime, comprehensive reports with detailed information on the new collective agreement are available on the HEU website and from your servicing representative.

All non-monetary changes to the collective agreement language, on issues such as job postings, work area reassignment and training, came into effect May 26, on the date members voted to approve the agreement.

For more information about implementing the new collective agreement, contact your shop steward or servicing representative.