What HEU members are saying to health employers

Bargaining bulletin

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Health employers are making a lot of demands of HEU members — more than 100 pages of concessions tabled at the bargaining table February 19 — but they’re not very good at listening. Our members, however, have a lot to say. Here’s a sample.

“Good, hardworking people are being thrown into poverty. Floors are sticky. Toilets are not being cleaned. Residents’ rooms are not being checked on a daily basis.” — HEU member, Victoria

“Where I work, residents go to bed crying most nights because their beds are not cleaned, linen comes back dirty and they live in fear that the people they think of as family might soon be gone.” — HEU member, Abbotsford

“People actually pass out at work - three employees in six months — because of the stress. Sick time increases, productivity goes down and highly trained professionals move on to workplaces and other jurisdictions that honour contracts.” — HEU member, Kelowna

“People are physically exhausted and are not coming to work, as we are now having to do two and three separate jobs plus our own, all in one shift. Some people are getting hurt because they are overworked.” — HEU member, Saanich

Stay tuned for more comments from front-line health care workers about what it’s like working in B.C.’s post-Bill 29 health care environment.