Bargaining bulletins

The Community Bargaining Association (CBA) – representing 14,000 health care and administrative workers – met on October 18 to discuss next steps in trying to achieve a collective... Read More
Talks for a new Facilities collective agreement are on hold and the multi-union Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) will be asking members for a strong strike mandate in votes... Read More
Negotiations for a new Facilities collective agreement will resume Friday after health employers committed to provide a comprehensive response to union proposals. The multi-union F... Read More
B.C.’s health employers are continuing to stall on providing any concrete responses to union proposals at negotiations for a new Facilities agreement covering 46,000 health care wo... Read More
The multi-union Facilities Bargaining Association is seeking a strike mandate from its 46,000 members to back their efforts to secure a fair and reasonable settlement in collective... Read More
Facilities negotiations resumed on Wednesday, but after three days there has been absolutely no progress on any outstanding issues. The multi-union Facilities Bargaining Associatio... Read More
Targeted job action in community social services will start next week, starting with a protest at Christy Clark’s constituency office in Vancouver on Tuesday, October 16 from 10:00... Read More
The multi-union Facilities Bargaining Association will meet October 10 with health employers to resume negotiations for a new collective agreement. The talks follow two weeks of me... Read More
Community health services and support workers across B.C., including HEU members in the sector, have voted 86 per cent in favour of job action after more than six months at the bar... Read More
In preparations for negotiations, HEU members representing contracted support services workers from the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island gathered from September 11 to 14 to endo... Read More