Did you know?

  • B.C.'s Ombudsperson has called for enforceable standards for both staffing levels and key aspects of resident care such as bathing, meal preparation, and recreational services.

  • Of all workers in hospitals and long-term care settings, care aides have the highest injury rates.

  • Care aides in B.C. are three times more likely to strain their backs than construction workers, and twice as likely as RNs.

  • During a typical day, a care aide will left 38 patients into bed, or from a bed to a chair. The cumulative wight of all patients lifted in a day has been estimated to be 1.8 tons.

  • Residents in B.C.'s care homes recieve an average of 2.8 hours of direct care, per day. HEU is advocating for 3.5 hours of direct care per resident, per day.