Bargaining Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities

 ·     As a member of the Bargaining Committee for Contracted Support Service Workers bargaining, your roles and responsibilities would include:

  • Plan to attend all bargaining meetings – prep, at the table and in other settings
  • Attend and participate in bargaining information/update meetings with members, as directed
  • Work collaboratively with the other members of the Bargaining Committee

  • Express your thoughts and opinions, in caucus, with the Bargaining Committee

  • Stay connected to the membership through bargaining and ensure you have up to date information about where the members are on an issue which should be shared with the Bargaining Committee
  • At all times present a united front when meeting with the Employer
  • Never talk to a local employer about bargaining outside of the bargaining meetings
  • Do not discuss what is said at the bargaining table, or in caucus, unless directed otherwise
  • Take comprehensive notes of what is said at the bargaining table with the Employer (notes will collect notes from time to time)
  • Work within the agreed to communications plan
  • Be prepared for some long days and wherever possible, to change personal plans to accommodate the needs of the Bargaining Committee
  • Support the position of the HEU Provincial Executive on whether or not to conduct a strike vote
  • Ensure that the bargaining spokesperson is aware of any emerging issues from the membership, related to bargaining. Especially things such as a “vote no” campaigns, when preparing for strike vote or ratification meeting.

Remember you have been elected to represent the entire membership, not your own agenda, or the agenda of a small group of members.

Most importantly, take advantage of the opportunity to learn, grow and meet other activists.