Local Building Fund


HEU CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS (2016), Article 2, Section B, Rebates and Local Project Fund: “The Provincial Executive will establish each fiscal year an amount not to exceed $100,000 to fund Local projects, campaigns and Local Membership building. Locals may make application to the Provincial Executive for access to this Fund. The Provincial Executive will monitor the use of the Fund and the Local shall be accountable for such usage.”

The focus of this initiative is to “break down the barriers to activism.” The Provincial Executive (P.E.) is very aware of the increased challenges that face members, locals and the union in attracting, encouraging and keeping union activists both interested and involved.

In today’s hectic world, coupled with the tough economic times and continual pressures and worries that we all face, it has become increasingly difficult to sustain activists.

We need to find different ways to connect with members, to give them hope and inspire them in ways that are truly meaningful and useful. And to ensure they know that the union is theirs, that they can make a difference, and that together we are stronger – member by member, local by local.

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