The highlight of each day was being able to really talk to them, hear them laugh, or see them smile

Members Stories

"I began working in the kitchen at my site for a few years until I switched to housekeeping. I enjoyed working as a housekeeper, but wanted a change so I recently switched to a support worker position for care aides. My job is to help the care aides at my site: I feed the residents, make their beds, and restock their rooms with supplies. I think my favourite thing about this new position is that it gives me the ability to interact with the residents more and has allowed me to get to know them on a more personal level.
The pandemic has been an adjustment for everyone. The hospital and all the frontline workers who work in it have been trying their best to diligently follow new rules and guidelines so that society can still continue under these crazy and novel circumstances. When families were no longer allowed to come and visit the residents, us workers really had to step up. In a sense, we became their family, and the highlight of each day was being able to really talk to them, hear them laugh, or see them smile.
It’s tough trying to not be consumed by worry, especially with all the bleak media reports lately. Social interactions are no longer what they once were and there’s a hint of tension in the air whenever you leave the house. Before COVID-19 people were able to go to work, send their children to school, travel without a second thought and so much more. I definitely took those things for granted, and now I miss how simple life was only a few months ago. Now we all must take this one step at a time, treat each other with some grace and kindness, and try to keep a strong and positive outlook."
- Genet, Support Worker, part of the Healthcare Team