Medical laboratory assistants are critical, we ensure that doctors can diagnose a patient in a timely manner

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“My role as a medical laboratory assistant is critical because we ensure that a doctor can diagnose a patient in a timely manner.

We do a lot of blood work and electro cardiograms all around the hospital, including with COVID patients. Dealing with COVID positive patients was stressful at first, but we stay safe with our PPE, and now we’re getting used to it.

I also work in an outpatient lab that deals with a lot of people from the public because we take blood tests and samples.

Our lab now has new protocols to practice social distancing and cleaning, which results in a longer wait times for patients. We now have to clean and disinfect chairs, and we have to ask people to fill out a COVID questionnaire.

We’ve been faced with additional duties, but our staffing level remains the same, which can feel overwhelming.

As a health care worker, I’ve noticed that our jobs are more stressful, but we’re also dealing with patients who are anxious.

The challenging part is trying to explain the new procedures to people when everyone is under a lot of stress. We have to remind people we are doing our best and I make sure to attend to patients with understanding and compassion.

I’ve taken up more gardening and yard projects in 2020 to put me at ease. I’ve been planting more vegetables and flowers because it gives me some relief from the anxiety during this pandemic.

My mother is on dialysis, so I can’t go and visit her and that’s hard, but I’m looking forward to the day when I can see her again.”

Shal, Lab Assistant, part of the health care team