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Are you a young worker, 35 years of age or under, and a member of the Hospital Employees’ Union? If so, you are eligible to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab A.Read More
In the wake of this weekend’s horrific mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the Hospital Employees’ Union is expressing solidarity with the LGBTTI community here a...Read More
A number of bursaries are available each academic year for HEU members, their children, stepchildren, legal guardians, and spouses, including common-law and same-sex partners. Burs...Read More
The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority’s move to expand and modernize residential care services is long overdue, but privatizing these services is a big mistake, says the Hospital...Read More
Every summer, HEU members join with friends, family and labour allies across the province to celebrate pride events.Read More
Did you know that … there were 173 workplace-related deaths in our province in 2014, including 98 from occupational diseases? Between 2005 and 2014, 26 health care workers died fro...Read More
Allison Kulik is a busy woman, raising a family and working in dietary at five Interior Health Authority sites in Kelowna. We caught up with Kulik before she went on shift at the K...Read More
In recent years, employers and government have finally acknowledged that a socially toxic work environment – characterized by bullying and harassment – is a serious health and safe...Read More
The growing crisis in seniors’ care isn’t new. But after a week of sustained pressure in the media and the legislature in mid-April, B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake has ordered a r...Read More
If we have ever needed the federal government to step up and enforce the Canada Health Act, now is the time. The Canada Health Act legislates the checks and balances that provinces...Read More