Ad takes aim at B.C. Liberals’ broken promises

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B.C. unions respond to Campbell Liberals’ multi-million dollar, feel-good ad campaign with a message of their own

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Gordon Campbell is spending millions of dollars of public money on ads hoping British Columbians will forget all the promises he’s broken. But he isn’t fooling anybody.

That’s the main message contained in a new union-sponsored television ad that’s airing on news programs across the province over the next week.

The ad reminds British Columbians that while the Campbell Liberals are spending millions of tax dollars on feel-good ads — despite promising not to — waitlists are growing, services to the most vulnerable have been slashed, students face larger classes and tuition fees are skyrocketing.

“Mr. Campbell wants us to forget his broken promise not to sell BC Rail or privatize health care,” states the ad.

“Gordon Campbell’s expensive ad campaign? He isn’t fooling anybody.” The Campbell government and the B.C. Business Council have refused to disclose the costs of the TV ad blitz they’ve carried out over the last few months, estimated to be several million dollars.

The initial outlay for the union-sponsored ad is $40,000 for both production and airtime. The costs are being covered by the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union, the B.C. Federation of Labour, the B.C. Teachers’ Federation and the Hospital Employees’ Union.