News releases for 2002

The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) and our Gitanyow and Gitwangak members are before the federal Labour Relations Board to determine the right of Aboriginal people to organize an... Read More
The Romanow report’s rejection of for-profit health care delivery is a message that Gordon Campbell’s Liberals must not ignore, says B.C.’s largest health care union. Health care c... Read More
Campbell Liberals urged to pull back from P3 hospital schemes in wake of collapsed convention deal If the provincial government can’t put together a public-private partnership for... Read More
After a year of negotiations, health workers at Lakeshore Place have ratified their first-ever collective agreement with this private for-profit assisted living facility in Kelowna... Read More
HEU has launched another 30-second spot in our province-wide TV ad campaign against privatization. Called One Mistake, the ad looks at the role of skilled, experienced health care... Read More
Rally to support laid off health care workers at Willingdon Park Hospital at 11 a.m. Wednesday The operator of a publicly funded nursing facility in Burnaby is taking full advantag... Read More
Burnaby-Willingdon MLA John Nuraney is speaking out on behalf front-line health care workers sacked by a nursing home operator in his constituency. After meeting Wednesday afternoo... Read More
B.C. Health Coalition News Release The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority’s first public Board of Directors meeting is a year too late and limited in its public input, says a medic... Read More
HEU has launched another 30-second spot in our province-wide TV ad campaign against privatization. Called One Mistake, the ad looks at the role of skilled, experienced health care... Read More
Another group of employees of Sodexho — a French-based multinational health care contractor — have voted to join the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) to improve wages, benefits and... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is calling for an independent investigation into the recent deaths of four Parkholm Lodge residents soon after they were involuntarily moved to... Read More
HEU wants full disclosure of how much taxpayers’ money Victoria has spent sending other top health administrators to study in France Revelations that a senior B.C. health care admi... Read More
Starting Saturday, private company to truck 4 million pounds of laundry to Calgary; 43 jobs lost in Chilliwack and Mission Health care workers and supporters in the Fraser Valley w... Read More
Food and cleaning services headed for contracting out at Children’s and Women’s Hospital, B.C. Cancer Agency It’s eight days before Christmas and the Provincial Health Services Aut... Read More
Media Release issued by: Labour Environmental Alliance Better Environmentally Sound Transportation David Suzuki Foundation The Fraser Health Authority should reverse its decision t... Read More
With bid support dipping, majority of British Columbians say they’d feel more comfortable backing games if Victoria stopped health, education cuts New polling data released today s... Read More
Dozens of health care workers and their supporters have established a blockade at a Chilliwack industrial park to prevent the shipment of hospital laundry and local jobs to Calgary... Read More
Campbell government’s Christmas present for west side Vancouver residents a tragedy in making, says HEU Moves announced today by the Campbell government’s health authority in Vanco... Read More
Move will tarnish region’s Olympic image — HEU The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority has taken the first step towards total privatization of housekeeping and operating room cleani... Read More
Dozens of health care workers and their supporters have established a blockade at a Chilliwack industrial park to prevent the shipment of hospital laundry and local jobs to Calgary... Read More
Support rally set for 6:30 p.m. Friday near the protest site will go ahead The top leadership of the Hospital Employees’ Union has been arrested at a protest in Chilliwack that beg... Read More
Here’s some links to some other groups that are at the forefront of the fight to preserve health care and other public services in B.C. (and have web sites): Health Care and Commun... Read More
Nurses, ambulance paramedics, health care workers at increased risk; municipalities can expect more emergency calls to local police and fire departments When: 8:30 am Wednesday, No... Read More
Premier Gordon Campbell should step back from his decision to rip up a wide range of union collective agreements, says B.C. Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair, to save the... Read More
HEU says that the $700,000 severance package given to Pat Zanon, former CEO of the now-defunct South Fraser Valley Health Region, could have been better spent on improving public h... Read More
HEU demands that Sodexho be fired The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says it’s alarmed to find that the foreign multinational firm Sodexho hired last week by B.C.’s Northern Heal... Read More
Overturn Zanon deal, recoup the cash, HEU urges Campbell The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says that through a Freedom of Information query, it’s obtained evidence that shows th... Read More
BC Health Coalition Seniors' Network BC Seniors' and medicare advocates are advising long-term care residents and their families to take the provincial government at its word and r... Read More
Health authorities violate key legislation by making decisions behind closed doors, claims union The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) today is launching a new legal action to quash... Read More
In a province-wide ballot, members of the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) have voted overwhelmingly to support a comprehensive action plan that calls for a variety of measures — i... Read More
After review by Premier’s office, health services ministry buries slender 53-page privatization library The Gordon Campbell government won’t release the scant documentation it’s ge... Read More
Forced relocation of Burnaby facility residents increases risk of death Burnaby’s Cascade Residence will shut its doors March 31, 2003 despite the negative impact that relocation h... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says it’s strongly opposed to plans being considered that would significantly cut benefit provisions for more than 36,000 retired health care a... Read More
Union will announce immediate legal action to counter deceitful and dishonourable government claims that contracts are `sweetheart’ deals The Hospital Employees’ Union will today f... Read More
The Campbell Liberals’ first budget will leave scars on the social fabric of British Columbia that will take decades to heal, says the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE). “The financ... Read More
Food safety violations, aggressive anti-union practices shocking, union wonders whether health authority checked references After digging up even more startling revelations about t... Read More
Without any consultation or public discussion, the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCHA) and the Fraser Health Authority (FHA) are implementing the Campbell Liberals’ sweeping... Read More
HEU care providers join seniors to “just say no” to reckless closure of care facilities Residents and their families from the North Shore’s Capilano Care Centre and Cedarview Lodge... Read More
With a special province-wide strike vote now two-thirds complete, Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) members are voting overwhelmingly in support of a comprehensive action plan to pr... Read More
Next step should be to create plan to protect seniors’ care, groups urge Premier Vancouver — The Seniors’ Network BC is pleased to learn that the Liberal government has placed a mo... Read More
Health workers and the citizens of the communities of Duncan and surrounding areas are outraged at the Vancouver Island Health Authority decision to shut down several laundries loc... Read More
BCGEU, BCNU and HEU News Release Court dates set in unions’ Charter challenge B.C. health care unions are gearing up their legal challenge to the Campbell government’s draconian co... Read More
With Gordon Campbell scheduled to speak today at a Vancouver conference on depression and anxiety disorders in the workplace, the Hospital Employees’ Union is challenging the Premi... Read More
Graham Bruce is simply not telling the truth, says union After carefully reviewing comments made last night by Premier Campbell's labour minister during debate on legislation to un... Read More
Promise of 5,000 non-profit long-term care beds a distant memory The Campbell Liberals have reneged on their "New Era" commitment to provide 5,000 non-profit intermediate and long-... Read More
But union alarmed Campbell Liberals will block community input into final decision that could result in Canada’s first privately owned, operated hospital It took months of pressure... Read More
Notes for Chris Allnutt, secretary-business manager CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY Before the last election, Gordon Campbell sold B.C. taxpayers and front-line health care workers a bill o... Read More
Health care workers from around Vancouver will march and rally Monday morning, May 6 at St. Vincent’s Hospital in support of the fight of residents and their caregivers to keep the... Read More
Ignoring Ron Park’s review of Abbotsford private hospital plan invites a fiasco of “fast ferry” proportions, warns HEU The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says it’s deeply concern... Read More
Cancel tender, conduct investigation, union urges Victoria The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says health minister Colin Hansen should put a stop to a privatization tender put ou... Read More
Union FOI shows that health services ministry is “all sizzle and no steak” on major health care initiative A series of government ads released yesterday won’t close the Campbell Li... Read More
A joint release from the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union, the B.C. Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Hospital Employees' Union (CUPE), and the He... Read More
Vancouver-East MP Libby Davies will join seniors, health workers and community activists at a noon rally to save Cooper Place, a long-term care facility slated for closure, located... Read More
A sweeping bill forced through the provincial legislature overnight means many B.C. communities are a step closer to losing their hospitals, says the Hospital Employees’ Union. And... Read More
HEU members will be in the crowd at 6:00 p.m. at the Chilliwack Public Library Fraser Valley front-line health care providers — members of the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) — wi... Read More
Uncensored version of consultant’s report reveals cooked numbers, says HEU The censored information contained in a PriceWaterhouseCoopers report released yesterday indicates that a... Read More
Union to release confidential documents that detail health employers’ privatization strategy In response to Wednesday’s flurry of privatization announcements in the Lower Mainland... Read More
Union demands that Premier Campbell cancel tenders and calls on Auditor General to investigate Telephone recordings and affidavits released by the B.C. Federation of Labour Friday... Read More
HEU calls on Chilliwack mayor to stop contracting out at city-owned care facility The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is calling on Chilliwack municipal council to step in and sto... Read More
On eve of government ad campaign, public increasingly critical of health reformsRead More
Under cover of the Royal visit, the provincial government’s health authorities are set to announce the largest health privatization initiative to date that will hand control of cri... Read More
Public supports study on impact of closures on seniors’ health More than 83 per cent of British Columbians believe that the B.C. Liberal government should put its plans to close lo... Read More
HEU files sweeping FOI request to shed light on government dealings with U.S. HMOs to own, operate B.C. hospitals Days after the Liberal government adopted draconian contract-break... Read More
Details follow of coverage opportunities for B.C. media and media assistance provided by HEU communications staff The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) expects thousands of front-li... Read More
B.C. unions representing more than 100,000 health care workers today launched legal action in B.C. Supreme Court alleging that the Campbell government’s contract-breaking legislati... Read More
Save Capilano Care Centre Rally — today at 11:30 a.m., Park Royal Mall Community outrage over the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority’s proposed closure of the 217-bed Capilano Care... Read More
Health care unions file employment standards charge Health employers are disregarding even minimum employment standards as they prepare to fire hundreds of front-line workers, says... Read More
And seven out of ten say Victoria is moving too far and too fast on health care changes Almost three-quarters of those with an opinion —73 per cent — don’t think that the provincia... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) today filed a counter suit in B.C. Supreme Court against A&A Services Co., alleging that the Vancouver-based cleaning company both defamed the... Read More
Employer refuses to budge on obsolete demands HEU members who work at Lakeshore Place in Kelowna voted 74 per cent in favour of strike action today. Negotiations for a first contra... Read More
Six hundred front-line health and social service workers from every corner of B.C. meet in Richmond tomorrow for the 23rd biennial convention of the 46,000-member Hospital Employee... Read More
B.C.’s health care unions have won an important early legal round in their Charter of Rights and Freedoms challenge of the Campbell government’s contract-breaking legislation Bill... Read More
Union members and the public are outraged at legislation HEU members are joining others in their communities, sending the message to Gordon Campbell that they are angry and frustra... Read More
Similarities cited with Mulchey severance scandal, as FOIs filed to press for full disclosure of all executive payouts The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) demanded today that heal... Read More
Click here for “Transparent” version now available at www.heu.orgRead More
Kelowna General union members vote 80 per cent to back Medicare defense plan, while votes upcoming in other key communities The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is highly critical... Read More
Forensic accountant Ron Parks’ review of controversial consultant’s study to be made public Wednesday, May 8 With the report of respected forensic accountant Ron Parks into the con... Read More
Document links at bottom of this page The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) today released the detailed blueprint for health service reductions, staffing cuts, bed closures and supp... Read More
Cutting pay rates for hospital support workers to as low as minimum wage by privatizing services is a key element of the Campbell government’s health care agenda. But the vast majo... Read More
The union representing most B.C. care aides and licensed practical nurses is demanding an apology from health services minister Colin Hansen after he referred to their role in prov... Read More
One day after thousands took to the streets in Victoria in a day of defiance, Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) members from across the province will rally in the Premier’s constitu... Read More
Municipalities will foot the bill while patients and health care workers put at risk — HEU The Fraser Health Authority has taken the first step towards contracting out its protecti... Read More
Nurses, health science professionals and other health care providers from Vancouver General Hospital, G.F. Strong, UBC Hospital and the Cancer Agency will lead a protest march and... Read More
Watchdog needed to monitor private health corporations Investors in a private company that’s been given the green light by the Campbell government to sell so-called medically unnec... Read More
The provincial government’s legislation tearing up union contracts and paving the way for health care privatization has drawn the attention of a Washington, D.C.-based web site tha... Read More
Mistrust factor looms large as Campbell prepares to announce major health cuts and hospital closures Just days before the Campbell government is expected to announce major health c... Read More
Multinational corporations, health authorities and the provincial government are conspiring to deprive unionized health care workers of their rights, charge health unions in an unf... Read More
Questions regarding implementation of Supportive Housing BC still unanswered The provincial government continues to roll out changes to seniors’ health care and housing programs wi... Read More
Staff layoffs and resident evictions illustrate the tragedy of closing seniors’ care facilities Forty-five care aides and therapeutic and food services workers at Burnaby’s Cascade... Read More
For the second time in a week, the B.C. Liberal government has been ordered to release documents related to health care contract-breaking legislation passed last January. Informati... Read More
MLA offices to be targeted in action designed to minimize impact on patients Health care workers will participate in a day of political protest against legislation that tears up le... Read More
Union renews call for independent investigation of “smelly” severance arrangements If Premier Campbell really wants to get the goods on rich severance provisions for ex-health exec... Read More
1400 bed closures made public in recent weeks, thousands more planned — HEU Today’s announcement that the 100-bed Penticton Retirement Centre will close its doors is more evidence... Read More
Anger over privatization still strong as health care workers await deeper cuts announcement expected next week Members of the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) from Lion’s Gate Hosp... Read More
Respected forensic accountant Ron Parks will release the findings of his review of the Campbell government’s controversial Abbotsford private hospital proposal at a news conference... Read More
A top official in the Campbell Liberal government met representatives of British corporations linked to high profile hospital privatization fiascos in the United Kingdom, according... Read More
Move as mean-spirited as separating seniors The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) has written to health services minister Colin Hansen today urging him to immediately reverse the ou... Read More
Move by ex-Socred health minister violates community care legislation, says union The operator of a publicly funded Chilliwack nursing home has fired more than 20 direct care staff... Read More
Convention delegates demand fair, equal access to services for all communities Policies of the Campbell government that have hurt rural communities in B.C. came under intense criti... Read More
The Communities Solidarity Coalition is holding a rally at the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health later today to protest government plans to shut down in-patient respite/... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union says it’s “unconscionable” that health employers have warned local union activists that they could be fired for their efforts to ensure that essential... Read More
/work/heu//march23.pdfRead More
B.C.’s largest health care union has some friendly advice for the province’s doctors: Don’t trust Gordon Campbell’s word. The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) issued the warning af... Read More
Rather than facing the music in regional centers, Campbell Liberals to hold tightly controlled media briefing in Lower Mainland The Campbell Liberals are ordering health authority... Read More
HEU calls on Campbell government to build it public, build it now A privately owned and financed hospital for Abbotsford could result in a much more costly alternative than a tradi... Read More
Privatization, it’s the wrong answer for patients is the message in a major television advertising campaign being launched today by the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) to fight th... Read More
Employees of the French multinational Sodexho who work at a private, for-profit seniors retirement complex in Port Coquitlam have voted to join the Hospital Employees’ Union to win... Read More
Move “threatens safety of patients, health workers,” HEU charges Members of the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) who provide crucial security services at Vancouver-area health care... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union is sounding the alarm over a plan by the Fraser Health Authority to turn over the cleaning of special care nurseries and operating rooms to low wage p... Read More
Fraser Valley residents left in the dark about plans for Abbotsford’s MSA Hospital replacement, says HEU Premier Gordon Campbell’s announcement of B.C.’s first taxpayer-funded priv... Read More
Day of protest blocked, but union pledges creative actions to fight Campbell's "legislative vandalism" The Hospital Employees' Union says it will abide by last night's Labour Relat... Read More
Cut pay by 24 per cent, or lose contract, Campbell Liberals threaten The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is appalled by revelations that the Campbell government has ordered a majo... Read More
Four out of five want government to study social, economic impacts of cuts before implementation Even before the Campbell government unveils deep health care cuts on Tuesday, a pub... Read More
Community of Revelstoke wins one year extension on closure of long-term care facility Residents of Revelstoke’s Moberly Manor can unpack their suitcases — at least for a few more m... Read More
Findings similar to Ron Parks’ review of B.C. Liberal’s Abbotsford private hospital scheme With the Campbell government expected to make a final decision on its controversial Abbot... Read More
Reductions in cleaning, infection control standards major cause of 100,000 patient deaths in 2000 With the B.C. Liberal government determined to cut back and privatize hospital hou... Read More
Fired workers rally Monday at 4:00 p.m.—HEU calls on Health Services Minister Hansen to stop closure A plan by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority to close a 70-bed long-term ca... Read More
B.C. Health Coalition News Release Community and labour leaders gathered in Vancouver today to raise the alarm over the erosion of B.C.’s health care system and to endorse the “Cal... Read More
Hear Dr. Allyson Pollock at free public forum on Feb. 8, 7 p.m., at Abbotsford’s Matsqui Centennial Auditorium As B.C.’s Liberal government and the Fraser Health Authority are pois... Read More
Increased wait lists, risks to patient safety and half billion dollars more in cost shifting revealed in briefing notes obtained by HEU Secret budget documents obtained by the Hosp... Read More
Nurses and health care workers will be staging a lunch time protest parade today at UBC Hospital to highlight planned cuts at their facility. They’re trying to protect key services... Read More
Union organizes 7:30 a.m. rally and 4:00 p.m press conference The Hospital Employees’ Union will be available to respond to health cuts that will be made public in Vancouver on Tue... Read More
B.C. Federation of Labour News Release BC workers will see their incomes decline, their workplaces become less safe and their legal rights eroded under three bills introduced today... Read More
A joint release from the BC Health Coalition and the Seniors' Network BC [Vancouver] - A “just say no” kit is now available to B.C. seniors facing uncertainty about their future in... Read More
For the second time in less than a week, a group of employees of Sodexho—a French-based private health care contractor—have joined the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) to improve w... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says workers have made an important breakthrough in the fight for working people and for quality health care services after employees of the wo... Read More
Health authority set to dump crucial in-house protection services to cut costs Hospital staff, other health care workers and concerned groups and individuals will be gathering for... Read More
We’re looking after patients — not tourists, says HEU A rehashed study by a right-wing think tank comparing hospital services to those in hotels is fundamentally flawed, says the H... Read More
Union files defamation suit against Liberal leader, three cabinet ministers for comments about health workers’ contracts The Hospital Employees’ Union today initiated legal action... Read More
The Campbell Liberals’ plan to divert scarce housing dollars to underwrite a radically stripped down version of seniors’ care will put this province on the brink of a public health... Read More
But some regional authorities turn over details of whopping pay boosts for senior administrators The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says a refusal by most B.C. health authorities... Read More
Seniors’ care scheme puts province on path to public health care disaster — HEU The Campbell government made it clear at today’s open cabinet meeting that it has no intention of fu... Read More
At noon today a group of 15 women health care workers occupied the new ambulatory care building at B.C. Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Vancouver to protest the Campbell Liberal... Read More
Decision puts contract-breaking Campbell Liberals’ and their health authorities on a “shorter leash” when firing workers A ruling set down by the B.C. Labour Relations Board Friday... Read More
Details of relationship with French company must remain secret until October says authority As the Northern Health Authority evaluates proposals to privatize management of support... Read More
A plan to ship more than 4 million pounds of hospital laundry and dozens of Fraser Valley jobs to Alberta is economically damaging, risky and raises serious doubts about whether he... Read More
BC Health Coalition News Release Medicare advocates are calling on the B.C. government and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority to hold immediate public hearings into their schem... Read More
HEU leaders, activists to pay solidarity call in support of BCGEU members, Friday at 1 p.m., 3030 East Broadway in Vancouver The Hospital Employees’ Union says the deep cuts to dir... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union says this afternoon’s Speech from the Throne with its sweeping hints of more upheaval and privatization in health care will further destabilize care s... Read More
Campbell Liberals outlawed union-management committees The Campbell Liberals recent health policies directly contradict claims made yesterday by health services minister Colin Hans... Read More
Respected forensic auditor will provide impartial analysis, including review of PricewaterhouseCoopers report, says HEU The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says it has engaged the... Read More
On eve of the Campbell government’s announcement of deep health care cuts that’s set for Tuesday, the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says that today it received leaked details ou... Read More
Campbell Liberals force closure of 101-year-old facility this Friday To protest Campbell’s Liberal government’s closure of the 101-year-old Summerland Hospital, area residents and... Read More
Premier Campbell well-advised to dump similar deal for health CEOs, union says The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is applauding the Interior Health Authority’s bonus-busting deci... Read More
Conflict Commissioner asked to review actions of Burquitlam MLA and potential $30,000 benefit in special health authority deal The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is asking provin... Read More
Pharmacare costs for seniors could quadruple, CUPE charges British Columbians will be forced to shell out $400 million to pay for added costs of the Campbell government’s new Pharm... Read More
Vulnerable seniors with complex health care problems need more staff not less A Fraser Health Authority document obtained by health care unions proposes cutting corners on seniors’... Read More
HEU condemns government cuts to public services Today, Hospital Employees' Union members at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, in solidarity with the B.C. Government and Service Em... Read More
HEU members hold information picket Wednesday at Gorge Road Hospital Health care workers will hold an information picket this afternoon outside Gorge Road Hospital to raise the ala... Read More
HEU demands immediate release of IHA’s review into the fate of 32 hospitals The Interior Health Authority will slash $56 million from direct services to patients and residents, acc... Read More
The third CEO recruited to head the Fraser Health Authority in as many months banked a $330,000 severance deal from B.C. taxpayers just six years ago and is a director of a private... Read More
Move would halt efforts to close seniors homes like Moberly Manor in Revelstoke As part of its fight to protect health care services for British Columbians and jobs for health care... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union is renewing its call for a moratorium on the Campbell Liberals’ privatization plans in the wake of this morning’s revelation that links a key anti-abo... Read More
Health care workers, seniors and other concerned citizens will rally at noon today in front of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority offices to protest the cuts and changes being... Read More
Adequate staffing levels, better utilization of the nursing team and increased funding will markedly improve the quality of health care provided to residents at Cottonwoods Extende... Read More
30 per cent mortality rate for former residents of Kelowna care home closed by Liberals Research commissioned by B.C.’s largest health care union suggests that death rates among fr... Read More
On the eve of the B.C. Liberal convention in Penticton this weekend, new polling data shows that British Columbians are overwhelmingly critical of the Campbell government’s health... Read More
Unions mobilizing to fight government Labour groups say cuts will hurt all British Columbians B.C. labour groups are not going to be quiet about the Liberal government’s cuts to th... Read More
Polling data shows British Columbians are firmly opposed to Liberals’ draconian Bill 29 British Columbians are strongly opposed to the contract-breaking legislation recently passed... Read More
Government’s secret health care privatization scheme designed to create low-wage ghetto The Campbell Liberals are carrying out a massive assault on the rights, wages, pay equity ga... Read More
CEO’s sudden departure a sign of chaos created by Liberal’s health agenda The sudden resignation of Vancouver Coastal Health Authority CEO Phil Hassen this morning is a sign of the... Read More
You’re wanted in your community Once again Nelson — Creston residents are searching for their MLA Blair Suffredine. During a week when the legislature wasn’t sitting and MLAs were... Read More
Joint release of Community Social Services sector unions, HEU, BCGEU, CUPE and HSA Four unions representing almost 200,000 workers today launched another legal action against the C... Read More
More than a dozen Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE), B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union and seniors’ activists have ended their sit-in at the Vancouver Coastal Health Auth... Read More
Union will offer alternative ideas to Community Care Facilities Act in Richmond meeting tonight The Liberal government’s consultation process on Bill 16, the new Community Care Fac... Read More
BC Seniors Network and BC Health Coalition News Release Seniors, health advocates launch toll-free hotline to document seniors’ care issues — 1-877-600-1180 Seniors’ groups and hea... Read More
FHA seeking housekeeping contractors despite increased infection risk to patients Royal Columbian Hospital’s health care workers will be holding a rally to focus on the risks of ho... Read More
More than 12,000 health care jobs next on Campbell’s chopping block — HEU An unprecedented loss of front-line health care workers and the services they deliver are next up on Victo... Read More
And Campbell’s prime time attack on health care workers won’t help, says union In what should serve as a stinging reality check for the Liberal government, British Columbians say b... Read More
Public denied information, input as Victoria secretly decides fate of new health facility The PricewaterhouseCoopers study on privatization and other options for the new hospital p... Read More
Public consultation needed before any decisions are made — HEU Fraser Valley health care workers today delivered an 8,200-signature petition opposing a private hospital in Abbotsfo... Read More
Move would halt efforts to close seniors homes like Moberly Manor in Revelstoke As part of its fight to protect health care services for British Columbians and jobs for health care... Read More
The Hospital Employees' Union (CUPE) says it's "encouraged" by Premier Campbell's recent move to undertake a review of the controversial $700,000 severance package granted to forme... Read More
Premier’s office must first approve release of few dozen pages of documents While the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is only days away from gaining access to all the studies and... Read More
Victoria Infirmary brings health support staff back into the NHS Glasgow's Victoria Infirmary has dumped multinational firm Sodexho and will be bringing the health support staff ba... Read More
Campaign to maintain quality care for facility residents a success The 23 care aides at Point Grey Private Hospital — members of the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) who waged a hi... Read More