News releases for 2003

The task of creating a single bargaining association for the community social service sector’s 13 unions — as mandated by provincial legislation last spring — is now complete and p... Read More
Health employers expected to table significant concession demands Talks for a new contract for more than 40,000 health and support workers in hospitals and long-term care facilitie... Read More
Health labour legislation introduced today by the Campbell Liberals is an attempt to guarantee massive long-term profits for multinational corporations at the expense of basic work... Read More
The Campbell government has broken another contract, unions in the community social services sector charged today. “This government appears determined to take money out of the pock... Read More
B.C. Federation of Labour to file objection with the Competition Bureau The final act of betrayal on BC Rail has been played out, says B.C. Federation of Labour president Jim Sincl... Read More
BCHC NEWS RELEASE A provincial Medicare advocacy group is calling on the auditor general to investigate a $1.37 million consulting tab racked up by the Vancouver Coastal Health Aut... Read More
Community Social Services Union Bargaining Association Unnecessary confrontation and chaos for vulnerable children and adults will be the inevitable result if employers succeed in... Read More
Fired workers to leaflet family meeting at Sunset Lodge, Tuesday at 6:15 p.m. The Salvation Army has rejected an overture from fired workers at a Victoria long-term care facility i... Read More
More than 800 skilled, experienced staff to lose jobs Today’s announcement by the Fraser Health Authority that it will contract out critical cleaning services to the French corpora... Read More
Health care workers will vote on an agreement, struck late Wednesday between their unions and the Northern Health Authority, that exchanges contract concessions for protections aga... Read More
Health care workers are demanding that the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority come clean with the public on the impact of $175 million in cuts it plans to make to health services i... Read More
Health coalition says minister of intermediate, long-term and home care should resign Citing information contained in a secret government report and new figures that show that the... Read More
On Thursday at 10 a.m., the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) will release a study by Simon Fraser University economist Marjorie Griffin Cohen on the effects of health privatization... Read More
HEU files information request to obtain details of Fraser Health Authority’s expense claims The health services minister must establish guidelines for health executive expense clai... Read More
The Northern Health Authority’s plan — announced earlier today — to commit taxpayers to decade-long agreements with private corporations is an unnecessary gamble, says the Hospital... Read More
The Campbell Liberals are taking a big gamble with their plans for a private hospital in the Fraser Valley, and if the track records of the corporations bidding on the project are... Read More
A tentative deal between the Northern Health Authority and health unions that would have traded wage and other concessions for a six-month freeze on contracting out has been reject... Read More
More than 130 unionized staff to be fired but 70 per cent of their managers stay on payroll The Fraser Health Authority must make public the details of a five-year, $16.6 million c... Read More
Laid-off staff from the Sally Ann’s Sunset Lodge want talks to preserve resident care and save jobs Health care workers from the Salvation Army’s Sunset Lodge, a long-term care fac... Read More
But 81 per cent of public don’t think there’s been adequate consultation on project’s impact on Medicare poll The B.C. Liberal government is set to announce later today that it wil... Read More
The Interior Health Authority is disciplining employees who voice their concerns in public about the closure and privatization of seniors care facilities, and has threatened termin... Read More
Front-line health care workers at Children’s and Women’s Hospital will raise the alarm about the planned lay off of thousands of women on health care’s front lines at a rally to be... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is welcoming a new agreement that will give Saint Mary’s Hospital a significant lifeline, while cautioning that the new business plan could ero... Read More
Leafletting session, Thursday, March 27, 3:00 p.m.; Royal Jubilee Hospital As the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) moves forward with its aggressive privatization agenda, h... Read More
Vancouver Police Board, September 17, 3:30 pm Vancouver Council City Services & Budget Committee, September 18, 9:30 am Mounting anxieties about the impending privatization of secu... Read More
As B.C.’s health authorities finalize their plans to lay off thousands of health care workers, Hospital Employees’ Union members will gather outside many hospitals and long-term ca... Read More
A weekend poll released today by the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) show rising public opposition to the privatization of hospital services and overwhelming support for direct ne... Read More
Employees of the Downtown Eastside Youth Activities Society (DEYAS), which delivers a unique range of primary outreach services to youth in Vancouver’s inner city, have voted to jo... Read More
The B.C. government’s plans to privatize health care support services will turn back the clock on women’s wages to levels unseen since the late 1960s and put patient care at risk,... Read More
HEU renews calls to health authority to publicly release the private contract The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is renewing calls for the release of a lucrative laundry contract... Read More
Unions representing 46,000 front-line health care workers say they’ve achieved a tentative framework agreement with government that mitigates the impact of contracting out on union... Read More
Media conference set for 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Plaza 500 Hotel Unions representing 46,000 health care workers will make a major announcement at a media conference later this morning... Read More
A new collective agreement covering workers at a private, for-profit seniors’ care facility in Richmond provides among the most competitive wages in the field and will help attract... Read More
Solutions urgently needed to avert loss of 5,000 skilled, experienced workers — more than 90 per cent of them women Health unions today put a proposal to health employers that woul... Read More
Court will be asked to strike down Campbell Liberals’ contract-breaking law A potentially landmark constitutional challenge gets underway in Vancouver Monday, April 14, when health... Read More
Despite plans to fire hundreds of front-line health care workers, the Provincial Health Services Authority is set to add more than two dozen positions to the ranks of senior manage... Read More
Rosy picture cast doubt about scale of health care cost pressures, says HEU For the second year in a row, B.C. health authorities are racking up multi-million dollar budget surplus... Read More
Further loss to seniors’ care options a result of Liberals’ health policy shift away from public health care The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says that the Liberals’ plan for s... Read More
HEU members protest across B.C. to mark anniversary of contract-breaking law As thousands of health care workers marked the anniversary of Bill 29 with a march and rally in Vancouv... Read More
Shifting the burden not the way to get rising drug costs under control, says HEU The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says the average senior or family in B.C. will pay significant... Read More
Health authority’s effort to block visit fails In spite of initial management attempts to block them, Peace River South MLA Blair Lekstrom and Dawson Creek city councilor Marilyn B... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is hopeful that the government’s throne speech call for new cooperative relationships in health care will lead to talks aimed at preventing the... Read More
With 12,000 potential votes from HEU households, health workers can play an important role in games’ vote The Hospital Employees’ Union says it’s looking at ways to promote the inv... Read More
A flashy and expensive six-month government advertising campaign has failed to breath life into the B.C. Liberals’ efforts to get out the “facts” on health care, according to polli... Read More
60 per cent say Bill 29 should be repealed while 55 per cent oppose privatization of support services poll In the year that passed since the Gordon Campbell Liberals passed legisla... Read More
B.C.’s public health care system will remain on the critical list until the B.C. Liberal government announces its plans for an estimated $325 million in new federal health dollars,... Read More
A news release from the B.C. CEDAW GROUP A coalition of 12 prominent B.C. women's organizations are calling on Victoria to reverse recent policy changes and cuts to social programm... Read More
More than 2,000 health care workers rallied in Vancouver Saturday afternoon to demand that the provincial government work with their union to avert massive lay-offs expected over t... Read More
Burnaby care home delivers walking papers to 35 care aides, health employers “workshop” expanded contracting out of direct patient care A Burnaby long-term care facility is the fir... Read More
Dietary, housekeeping staff on the street by mid-April Thirty-eight health workers at the Normanna Rest Home in Burnaby have received their layoff notices as the seniors’ residenti... Read More
Health care workers from Vancouver Hospital will march to Vancouver Coastal Health Authority CEO Ida Goodreau’s office this afternoon to deliver the message that contracting out im... Read More
Eighty-two per cent of British Columbians support talks between government, health employers and health unions to find alternatives to the privatization and contracting out of heal... Read More
In a bid to promote the cost efficiency of public-private partnerships, the Campbell government agency responsible for such arrangements has implicated the Premier’s deputy ministe... Read More
Despite several overtures by the Hospital Employees’ Union to help Simon Fraser Lodge deal with its stated budget problems, the Prince George long-term care facility has opted to h... Read More
Health care workers at Sunset Lodge are deeply disappointed that an offer to help the facility deal with its budget pressures has been dismissed, says the Hospital Employees’ Union... Read More
Laid off hospital workers hold solidarity BBQ as mass firings near With hundreds of health care workers about to hit Vancouver’s unemployment lines, the Hospital Employees’ Union (... Read More
Labour is making headlines across Canada and around the world. And you can read it all right here thanks to the Labour News Wire service of LabourStart. These headlines will take y... Read More
By forestalling inevitable release of contract details, Fraser Health Authority not acting in public interest — HEU B.C.’s health services minister Colin Hansen must force the Fras... Read More
The B.C. government and its six health authorities can’t sidestep their legal responsibility to keep patients safe, and would still be held liable if patients are in any way harmed... Read More
In the wake of a B.C. Supreme Court decision ordering health authorities to open their meetings to the public, the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is encouraging the Northern Heal... Read More
It’s the largest layoff yet in Liberals’ contracting out scheme Today’s announcement by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority that 950 hospital housekeepers will lose their jobs,... Read More
Health care unions representing nearly 100,000 front-line workers say they intend to appeal a B.C. Supreme Court judgment handed down today that dismisses their constitutional chal... Read More
The Northern Health Authority won’t rule out the privatization of a wide range of critical health services in communities throughout northern British Columbia. The NHA, which is al... Read More
Common sense move benefits patients and taxpayers, says HEU Today’s announcement by the Interior Health Authority that it will not privatize laundry services is sound public policy... Read More
Hundreds of pink slips issued to health workers in Vancouver Hundreds of front-line health care workers were told today that they’d be replaced by a British corporation at flagship... Read More
Health care workers have voted 57 per cent against ratifying an agreement reached one month ago with health employers and the provincial government that would have traded significa... Read More
The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority board should launch both public hearings on its plans to privatize surgeries and an audit of a controversial North Shore cataract clinic when... Read More
Front-line caregivers, seniors’ and community activists, and union leaders will rally for quality seniors’ care at Willingdon Park Hospital in Burnaby at 11:00 a.m. on May 14 in th... Read More
HEU calls the move “provocative and destabilizing,” urges province to put the brakes on contracting out, rebuild trust with front-line health workers The B.C. Liberals are being ur... Read More
47 per cent give government “poor” health rating; 58 per cent oppose P3 hospitals; 60 per cent doubt health service quality can be maintained by private contractors The B.C. Libera... Read More
Justification for secrecy a “stunning disregard” for the law, says Justice B.C.’s secretive health authorities will now have to meet in public and only move behind closed doors in... Read More
VIHA urged to protect quality services and jobs In a bid to protect quality services, save jobs and ward off further privatization in B.C.’s public health care system, unionized wo... Read More
Victoria, employers urged to reconsider in best interests of patients The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says it’s deeply disappointed that government and health employers have c... Read More
Vancouver nursing home operator had pressured workers to decertify or join `Christian’ union to keep their jobs Just days after the Labour Relations Board ruled that the operator o... Read More
HEU asks privacy commissioner to force health authority to make public details of private laundry contract Forty-seven laundry workers at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver are... Read More
Care aides, LPNs and activity aides latest victims of provincial government’s Bill 29, says HEU For the second time in less than a month, a Lower Mainland seniors’ facility is usin... Read More
The official responsible for Taiwan’s efforts to control the spread of SARS has issued a stark warning about the dangers of contracting out hospital staff that B.C.’s health author... Read More
Willingdon Park care aides — the first health care workers delivering direct patient care to be contracted out in B.C. — are rallying against the privatization of seniors’ care at... Read More
A move by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority to privatize thousands of surgical procedures has staggering implications for public health care, says a medicare advocacy organiza... Read More
HEU TV ads send a message about the impact of health care privatization on patients Privatization, it's the wrong answer for patients is the message in series of TV ads sponsored b... Read More
BC Health Coalition invites public to “report” on health cuts, calls for public hearings after health authority says $175 million in reductions are largely “administrative” Report... Read More
Supporters to leaflet Salvation Army’s Pacific Northwest Congress in Vancouver Saturday Front-line health care workers are appealing to Salvation Army Congress delegates meeting in... Read More
Joint HEU/BCTF News Release Nearly two out of three British Columbians (65 per cent) think government spending on health and education advertisements is not appropriate, according... Read More
Airing in February, 2003, "Why Care?" asks viewers whether the loss of thousands of skilled, experienced workers will make the care you and your family receive better or worse. Wat... Read More
Airing in February, 2003, "What's wrong?" tells the story of the privatization of hospital laundry in the Fraser Valley. Barely two months in to a ten-year contract, the U.S.-owned... Read More
Private company’s recent lacklustre performance in Chilliwack no deterrent The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) has learned that the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority has awarded... Read More
71 per cent think contracting out care staff will have negative impact on seniors, 58 per cent oppose privatizing support services, and 65 per cent side with health workers in disp... Read More
Huge forecast deficit fails to materialize, but red ink threat did provide backdrop for government’s cuts and privatization A detailed analysis of the most recent audited financial... Read More
HEU calls on health authority to implement `code of conduct’ to prevent further abuses of workers’ rights by long-term care operators The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is urging... Read More
Costs for access will limit public scrutiny, warns HEU The Fraser Health Authority and the Ministry of Finance want more than $4,000 for key documents about two controversial healt... Read More
Hospital to close while health authority spends more than a million dollars in cost-cutting advice Providence Healthcare today issued lay off notices to more than 450 health care w... Read More
B.C. Children’s and Women’s Health Centre is alone among children’s hospitals in Canada in its controversial move to privatize critical cleaning and patient dietary services, accor... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says today’s announcement by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and Providence Health Care, awarding a multi-million dollar contract to a p... Read More
One of Canada’s most efficient public hospital laundries is the next target in the Campbell government’s insatiable privatization agenda. Amid the controversy over yesterday’s anno... Read More
First they turned to the courts to compel the Fraser Health Authority to open its board meetings to area residents. Now the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is appealing to B.C.’s... Read More
Approximately 300 members of the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) will receive displacement notices before the end of the month, as the Vancouver Island Health Authority proceeds w... Read More
The Interior Health Authority won’t rule out the privatization of a wide range of critical health services in the communities it serves. The IHA said in a Sept. 9 memo to its manag... Read More
The Vancouver Island Health Authority took the first step towards privatizing food services in the Capital region even though the expected savings would amount to less than one-qua... Read More
Premier Gordon Campbell and his B.C. Liberal government plan to privizatize hundreds of millions of dollars of health services like housekeeping, laundry and food services. Web sit... Read More
The B.C. Health Coalition is calling for an immediate investigation of private surgical clinic billing practices after learning the B.C. government was penalized by the federal gov... Read More
Negative impact of job losses reaches beyond health care into the heart of B.C. communities B.C.’s health care system will be reeling from the loss of more than 9,000 skilled and e... Read More
Talks to avert privatization continue in the new year Front-line health care workers are disappointed that the Vancouver Island Health Authority has rejected a $21 million concessi... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) says it will work with Northern Health Authority officials to prevent the privatization of critical health services, but cautions that it will... Read More
HEU questions whether health authorities exercised due diligence in privatizing services, calls for government investigation Foreign companies contracted to clean operating rooms,... Read More
Health care workers will mark the first anniversary of legislation that ripped up their collective agreements with a rally at the Plaza of Nations Tuesday morning in downtown Vanco... Read More
Why should we care about who cleans our hospitals? That’s the question being asked in a new TV ad campaign sponsored by the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) that begins today. The... Read More
Front line staff at the Dusk to Dawn Resource Centre, a night drop-in for street youth operated by Family Services of Greater Vancouver, have become the youngest group of workers t... Read More
Year-end survey paints grim picture of health care’s front lines Health care workers are demoralized, worried about patient safety and they’re forgoing major consumer purchases bec... Read More
Letters to editor bring termination threat Three long-time Williams Lake health care workers have received either written or verbal reprimands for exercising their rights as citize... Read More
Health authorities urged to make revised budgets public by end of May Yesterday’s announcement of the revised 2003/04 provincial health care budget that includes an additional $328... Read More
Move will backfire on patients and hurt local economy, says HEU The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority told health unions this afternoon that it will award lucrative contracts for... Read More
Disrespectful of workers and an unnecessary waste of money, says union The Provincial Health Services Authority will force nearly 200 hospital staff out of work a full month before... Read More
Comox health care workers have voted 65 per cent in favor of an agreement with their employer that provides protection against privatization for more than 400 Hospital Employees’ U... Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union has rejected a move by the Interior Health Authority to seek massive contract concessions from its workers, despite a $50 million surplus and being on... Read More
Community activists angry that Sally Ann has rejected two separate proposals to deal with budget pressures The Salvation Army’s Sunset Lodge long-term care facility in Victoria is... Read More
Results also show that 3 of 4 British Columbians and more than half of B.C. Liberal supporters critical of government record on social policy Are families better off and their futu... Read More
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 20, 2003 Public underwhelmed by Campbell Liberals’ economic performance — poll Results also show that 3 of 4 British Columbians and more than half of... Read More
Globe and Mail ad argues that a contract-breaking B.C. premier can’t be trusted with untied health dollars Should strings be attached to increased federal health dollars to guarant... Read More
Tough sanctions being sought against rogue IWA local that signed the deal The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) is stepping up its efforts at the Labour Relations Board to challenge... Read More
Private contractor caught laundering soiled and bloodied birthing sheets in household washing machines A private contractor hired to clean Fraser Valley hospital laundry is putting... Read More
The three largest health care contractors in the world and a local company that last year lost a cleaning contract at B.C. Children’s and Women’s Hospital are among seven companies... Read More
Gorge Road Hospital’s health care workers are holding a rally tomorrow afternoon to protest the hospital’s closure, which organizers say will unnecessarily turn the lives of 800 pe... Read More
A consumer education campaign urging London Drugs' executives to challenge the B.C. Liberal government's Pharmacare changes goes province-wide this weekend. Volunteers with the B.C... Read More
Premier Gordon Campbell’s televised statement Wednesday night sends confusing and conflicting signals to British Columbians, says the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE). “Tuesday’s t... Read More
IHA confirms closure of two Summerland facilities In a letter to a Penticton newspaper on April 1, Okanagan-Westside MLA Rick Thorpe accused Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) member... Read More
Monday's announcement by health services minister Colin Hansen that he’ll stop funding New Westminster’s St. Mary’s Hospital means B.C. patients will wait even longer for surgery.... Read More
Union hopeful that Campbell’s comments on radio talk show lead to urgently needed talks The Premier’s commitment on CKNW radio this morning that new federal health funding will be... Read More
HEU has made important headway in its efforts to represent employees of multinational companies providing privatized health care services after workers at a Victoria long-term care... Read More
Amid reports this week that surgery waitlists have grown by more than 20 per cent since the provincial election, the B.C. Health Coalition today released a document that suggests V... Read More
BACKGROUNDER This document provides background and outlines the course of recent moves by IWA Local 3567 that amount to an outright assault on health care workers and their unions.... Read More
Poll also shows provincial government’s health care performance ratings near lowest levels in a decade Seven out of every ten British Columbians reject claims by the province’s hea... Read More