News releases for 2006

250 HEU members working for Compass in the PHSA now have a first contract.Read More
Dietary and cleaning staff employed by Compass Group at PHSA have been awarded a first collective agreement.Read More
With the assistance of Labour Relations Board mediator Grant McArthur, efforts to reach a first collective agreement for HEU members employed by Compass on Vancouver Island took an... Read More
B.C.’s health minister must act now to stop a for-profit emergency room from opening its doors next week, says the Hospital Employees’ Union.Read More
Gitx’san health care workers and the Hospital Employees’ Union are defending the unique cultural provisions and language of their collective agreement currently under attack at the... Read More
The provincial government should reverse its plan to exclude health care providers from the 16 regional public forums that are the centerpiece of the $10-million "Conversation on H... Read More
Compass bargaining committee meets October 21 to finalize union submission.Read More
Compass Group employees have sent a clear message to the British corporation that they're determined to reach a fair first contract.Read More
Health Minister must clarify with health authorities that workers are “welcome and encouraged” to participate in the ongoing “Conversation on Health”.Read More
HEU’s bargaining committee rejects Compass monetary and ask members for strike mandate. Convention delegates lend their support.Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union is urging the provincial government to take concrete steps that demonstrate it hasn’t already determined the outcome of its year-long “Conversation on... Read More
Following nine months of difficult negotiations with Pro Vita Care Management, HEU care aides at Arranglen Gardens in Qualicum Beach have ratified a first collective agreement.Read More
First contract negotiations covering 18 HEU members employed by Arbourside Court in Surrey are showing steady progress, says the union’s bargaining committee.Read More
Care aides at Arranglen Gardens in Qualicum Beach have a tentative agreement with their employer,Read More
Mediation dates with Compass in the Vancouver Island Health Authority – set to take place on August 31 and September 1 – have been cancelled due to a family death affecting the Com... Read More
HEU has filed a complaint with B.C.’s Labour Relations Board regarding Compass Group’s continued refusal to bargain single collective agreements for employees working in the compan... Read More
Compass’ long-awaited monetary package proved to be a severe disappointment when the corporation finally tabled it on August 14 – the first of three dates scheduled for mediated ta... Read More
Since HEU Compass members in the Provincial Health Services Authority delivered a 99 per cent strike vote in July, there’s finally been some progress in bargaining on two fronts.Read More
BC Federation of Labour says tuition for apprentices should come from new training tax credit.Read More
Negotiations covering 700 HEU members on Vancouver Island who work for Compass Group will continue later this month with the assistance of a labour board mediator.Read More
HEU members working for Pro Vita and Westcana at Arranglen Gardens in Qualicum are seeking basic cooperation from their employer and greater respect for the collective bargaining p... Read More
HEU's Pro Vita bargaining committee is asking Arranglen Gardens members for a strike mandate to provide some momentum for first contract talks that have so far produced little prog... Read More
The LRB has appointed a mediator to help settle a first contract for more than 200 HEU members employed by Compass Group at PHSA.Read More
Compass workers in the PHSA back union bargaining team’s effort to reach first contract with strong strike mandate.Read More
About 60 long-term care workers employed by U.K.-based Compass Group at two Lower Mainland long-term care homes will see their wages rise by as much as $2.32 an hour, as a result o... Read More
BC's best-known forensic accountant says Auditor General’s office should play a more active and direct role in assessing value of government privatization schemesRead More
Compass health care workers on Vancouver Island say they are fed up with the employer’s ongoing refusal to get serious at the bargaining table.Read More
Kamloops—Interior residents deserve a moratorium on further privatization in Interior Health Authority (IHA) until there is an independent audit of long-term care services for Inte... Read More
HEU members employed by Compass Group in the Provincial Health Services Authority were back at the bargaining table in May, following the union’s application for mediation under BC... Read More
Compass rejects mediator’s recommendations for workers at Normanna, EvergreenRead More
HEU members working in community social services have voted 57 per cent against a tentative contract reached on March 31 between the multi-union bargaining association and the Comm... Read More
HEU’s 1,500 members in community health have voted 97 per cent in favour of ratifying a new collective agreement. The subsector’s 13,000 workers also said yes to the contract by 97... Read More
Tentative agreement fails to provide stability to sector or meet members’ basic needsRead More
Community health tentative agreement includes concrete gains on pay, working conditionsRead More
A TV ad aired by the Hospital Employees’ Union before last year’s provincial election has won the top prize in an international competition.Read More
The Union Bargaining Association (UBA) is calling on B.C.'s finance minister Carole Taylor to take immediate steps to address the "negotiating ineptitude" of the employers, and to... Read More
A tentative agreement has been reached covering 15,000 community social services workers in B.C. The four-year deal includes wage increases totalling 8.3 percent, wage parity incre... Read More
PE reviews tentative agreements next week Nearly 3,000 HEU members working in community health and community social services will be voting on new collective agreements by mid-Apri... Read More
A TENTATIVE AGREEMENT for community health workers has been reached and includes pay increases, stronger employment security and contracting-out protections, and measures to improv... Read More
Negotiators for the multi-union community health bargaining association representing 13,000 workers say they are moving closer to achieving a tentative contract now that there’s ag... Read More
Here's a few additional questions that keep coming up on bonuses -- and some answers.Read More
There’s a series of Facilities Fact Sheets on the website that should answer most of your questions about the tentative agreement covering HEU members in the facilities sector.Read More
Bargaining has now resumed. Your Union Bargaining Association (UBA) remains hopeful that we can bring negotiations to a satisfactory resolution by the March 31 deadline.Read More
The HEU Provincial Executive is recommending that members vote in favour of ratifying a tentative agreement reached with B.C.’s health employers earlier this week.Read More
A tentative agreement reached in the health facilities subsector on March 15 increases wages and provides important job security protections.Read More
Health unions representing 38,000 hospital and long-term care workers have reached a tentative agreement with B.C.’s health employers after seven weeks of marathon negotiations.Read More
The multi-union community health bargaining association expects the Health Employers Association of BC and government to focus on a settlement for the sector’s 13,000 workers now t... Read More
Community social services workers have stepped back from the bargaining table and won't return until employers are prepared to seriously address workers' key issues of wages, benef... Read More
The employers’ bargaining agent has tabled a counter-proposal that falls far short of addressing community social services workers’ demands. Here’s what the Community Social Servic... Read More
Marathon bargaining sessions to focus Wednesday on wages and job securityRead More
Talks continued Monday for HEU members at four different bargaining tables.Read More
Time running out for employers to address issues at the bargaining table.Read More
As contract talks for 13,000 workers in the community health sector continue this week, there is agreement with employers on a package of important gains for casuals.Read More
Bargaining representatives for 38,000 hospital and long-term care workers say they are frustrated with the slow pace of talks with health employers, now in week seven.Read More
Nearly 300 representatives from Hospital Employees' Union locals around the province have wrapped up a two-day bargaining conference in Richmond determined to negotiate no-concessi... Read More
Wages and workload are key issues as HEU prepares for first contract negotiations with the Compass Group covering about 250 cleaning and dietary staff at the Provincial Health Serv... Read More
Negotiations with BC's health employers for a new collective agreement covering more than 35,000 Hospital Employees' Union members working in hospitals and long-term care facilitie... Read More
Community social service workers say wages, benefits and strengthening resources for social services top their demands for a new contract.Read More
Bargaining for more than 1,500 HEU members working in the community health subsector got underway Tuesday in Burnaby. Wages, job security, and making up for previous rollbacks and... Read More
The January 24 opening session of contract talks for 13,000 community health workers began slowly, but health employers have agreed to exchange most contract proposals when bargain... Read More
Employers are choking off pay rates above what the collective agreement says and firing up the rumour mill as community social services contract talks are set to begin.Read More
Unions representing 38,000 hospital and long-term care workers marked day one of what will likely be marathon talks with a call to restore trust and confidence in the collective ba... Read More
Health unions tabled a comprehensive package of contract proposals on Tuesday that emphasized members' diverse skills and changing roles in health care.Read More
Contract talks got off to a rocky start earlier this week when the government’s bargaining agent tabled a package laden with demands for concessions. "We’re disappointed," said Chr... Read More
Bargaining is finally underway for about 250 cleaning and dietary staff employed by Compass in the Provincial Health Services Authority. During the first day of bargaining – Januar... Read More
Unions in the community health subsector outlined counter proposals to benefit concessions tabled by the Health Employers Association of BC as negotiations resumed January 31.Read More
HEU and its partners in the Facilities Bargaining Association marked week one of facilities bargaining with a series of concrete proposals on workload, job security and the changin... Read More
HEU's Sodexho/Shannon Oaks bargaining committee met with Sodexho for a second negotiating session on February 3 and was able to reach agreement on a range of non-monetary issues.Read More
It's been more than eight months since first contract negotiations got underway for about 60 HEU members employed by Compass Group at Normanna and Evergreen care homes in the Lower... Read More
On February 2, 2006 the union bargaining committee met with Sodexho to table monetary proposals.Read More
Health care unions bargaining a new contract for 38,000 hospital and long-term care workers have tabled an opening position on wages Tuesday that is designed to recover lost ground... Read More
Despite the growing staffing crisis, the BC government’s bargaining agent wants to turn back the clock in community social services.Read More
The UBA bargaining team has tabled proposals aimed at rebuilding the community social services workforce.Read More
Front-line health care workers underscored the need for measures to address retention and recruitment, workload overload, and increased responsibilities and training in presentatio... Read More
Talks between the unions representing 13,000 community health workers and the Health Employers Association of BC focused on the contentious issues of hours of work and scheduling f... Read More
THERE HAVE BEEN long days spent at the bargaining table since talks resumed February 14 as the multi-union community bargaining association and the Health Employers Association of... Read More
It was deja vu all over again at the bargaining table this week. While the Union Bargaining Association tabled proposals on employment continuity, the employers' representatives co... Read More
5-3-3 with a $4700 signing bonus; fast-tracked wage adjustments for specific job categories; action on workloadRead More
A first contract for Compass workers at Normanna and Evergreen care homes is finally in sight, thanks to an agreement between the union and the employer to seek an arbitrated settl... Read More
Contract talks for 13,000 workers in the community health sector are focused this week on compensation issues as the unions outlined their plan for a fair pay boost along with meas... Read More
In preparation for the 2006 negotiations, our unions consulted extensively with members to identify our issues and demands for a new collective agreement. Members said strongly tha... Read More
Previously negotiated wage increases are due at the end of March for many community social services workers. These pay equity increases were re-negotiated in 2004. The money restor... Read More
Employment security along with health and safety issues will be up for discussion as contract talks for 13,000 workers in the community health sector resume February 28 in Vancouve... Read More
Health employers tabled a disappointing revision of their position on a general wage increase for hospital and long-term care workers Tuesday, barely moving from their opening posi... Read More
The Supreme Court of Canada will hear arguments tomorrow on whether a B.C. law enacted in 2002 violates the constitutionally-protected Charter rights of health care and community s... Read More
The Union Bargaining Association (UBA)will be tabling our monetary proposals early next week. We’ve been trying to this point to get employers to discuss our priority nonmonetary i... Read More
The Health Employers Association of BC tabled demands Friday which target more than 2,000 devolved community health employees – perpetually freezing them at current wage levels – o... Read More
Talks for a new agreement covering 38,000 hospital and long-term care workers took place over the weekend and continued Monday as union representatives push for a tentative agreeme... Read More
Wages and job security will be key issues for health care unions as collective bargaining gets underway today for a new contract covering 38,000 hospital and long-term care workers... Read More
HEU tables revised package, calls on health employers to stop running down the clockRead More
HEU says there's no movement at the bargaining table from employers on job security and wages.Read More
Health Employers Association of BC table exactly the same position on general wage increases that they opened with 12 days ago.Read More
Unions negotiating for 38,000 hospital and long-term care workers table contract proposals that would strengthen health care through improved security and stability within the work... Read More
New contract improves workers wages and reflects a more cooperative working relationship between the union and the Skidegate Band CouncilRead More
It’s been five months since negotiations began for a first contract covering HEU members employed by Sodexho at Shannon Oaks.Read More
HEABC tables an opening position responding to some critical issues raised by health unions but falls short on wages, job security and workload concernsRead More
The chief negotiator for the Hospital Employees’ Union says her members will be looking for significant wage increases at contract talks set to begin later this month.Read More