News releases for 2010

HEU members working at Mountain Lake, Arbor House, Waterford at Windsor Woods, and Hamlets at Westsyde vote in favour of new contracts
Yesterday, HEU applied for mediation after contract talks failed to deliver union’s bargaining objectives
New contract provides job security and continuity of resident care
Information available in January after HEU’s P.E. reviews tentative deal
Membership meetings to be held in January to discuss next steps in negotiating new contract
Negotiations between unions and employer in Community Social Services have broken off
In November 2000, Campbell promised he wouldn’t rip up contracts, privatize seniors’ care or put pay equity at risk
Campbell will be remembered for massive privatization of health services, attacks on rights of health care workers
More bad news for Kamloops seniors as private care home operator moves to contract out
Unions, employers to set essential services levels
HEU convention delegates also acclaim Kamloops pharmacy technician Donisa Bernardo as financial secretary for a third term
At a time of great uncertainty, cutbacks and lay-offs, employment security is necessary for workers
Staffing shortages, heavy workloads and contracting out in care facilities put workers at increased risk from acts of violence
Following three days of contract talks this week, negotiations have stalled in the Community Social Services sector
Mediation scheduled for August 10 may yield tentative settlement or essential services plan; 95 per cent voted for job action in July
CSSBA will meet to review bargaining developments
Following two days of contract talks in the CSS sector, HEU bargaining committee says employer has yet to budge from its original position of no monetary gains
Negotiations continue for a new collective agreement covering the province’s 15,000 community social services workers
CSSBA and employer reach protocol agreement for upcoming negotiations
Health care workers and seniors’ advocates ask Ladysmith Town Council to voice its opposition to contracting out
BCHC calls into question the provincial government’s commitment to defend public health care in the courts
HEU says workloads in sterile processing already high and urges FHA to reconsider move in interests of patient safety
Union concerned that fixed ‘competitive’ pricing for some surgical procedures will disadvantage smaller regional hospitals
Quality and continuity of care and support for residents jeopardized
Printer Friendly VersionThe Hospital Employees’ Union bargaining committee reached a settlement agreement on March 23 for a first contract for cooks and servers working for Compass...
Municipal Pension Plan goes into effect April 1, 2010
Hospital and long-term care workers have voted 77 per cent in favour of a new two-year collective agreement with B.C.’s health employers
Results of province-wide ratification vote on tentative agreement covering 48,000 facilities health care workers issued March 19
Printer Friendly Version Contract talks for a renewed collective agreement between the Hospital Employees’ Union and the Good Samaritan Society will begin next month in Burnaby...
Provincial Bargaining Committee and HEU’s Provincial Executive recommend ratification of two-year contract
Community health members vote 76 per cent in favour of ratifying two-year collective agreement
Despite funding increases, B.C. government support for health care has fallen from second to eighth place in Canada
Full schedule of information meetings on pension and bargaining issues
Tentative agreement balances members’ bargaining priorities and concerns, within government-mandated “net zero” bargaining climate
NEW: facilities comprehensive report, fact sheets and information meeting schedule now available
A tentative agreement covering more than 48,000 hospital and long-term care workers has been reached between the multi-union Facilities Bargaining Association and B.C.’s health...
Report highlights B.C.’s lack of action to protect women and girls, failure to address violence and poverty
FBA has made progress on a number of priority issues in its talks with health employers
Job security provisions must be kept in place to deal with the massive reorganization of health services planned by government
Printer Friendly Version Three organizations including the Hospital Employees’ Union/CUPE will be hosting the B.C. leg of a national tour on the state of seniors’ residential care...
Update on facilities subsector talks
Unions representing more than 40,000 health care workers have resumed bargaining for a new collective agreement