Calling Señor Blair, calling Señor Blair

News release

You’re wanted in your community

Once again Nelson — Creston residents are searching for their MLA Blair Suffredine. During a week when the legislature wasn’t sitting and MLAs were supposed to meet with constituents, Suffredine was nowhere to be seen. That’s because he’s taking it easy down Mexico way.

As a follow-up to the original “Where’s Blair” sticker campaign, HEU has produced a new one to mark Suffredine’s most recent disappearance from his riding.

“`Where’s Blair’ has simply become `Blair, ¿donde estás?’,”says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt.

“At such a critical moment, when the government has announced such deep health care cuts, it’s inexcusable that this MLA is on the lam on some Mexican beach,” he says. “But he’ll have to face the people he represents sooner or later. “`Where’s Blair’ and `Blair, ¿donde estás?’ are going to stick like glue to Suffredine.”

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