Health care workers join WTO protest in Seattle today

News release

Opportunity for on-the-spot telephone interviews with HEU leadership, activists Health care workers from across the province will join thousands of other British Columbians at a mass rally protesting the WTO in Seattle later today. HEU members will be boarding buses in Vancouver at 7 a.m. for the trip to Seattle. They'll participate in a noon hour march from Seattle's Memorial Stadium to the convention centre where the WTO talks are taking place. "We're not prepared to let this faceless and unaccountable organization make decisions about how we live, receive health care, protect our environment or regulate the safety of our food," says HEU president Fred Muzin. "That's why we're in Seattle today." Editors interested in live interview's from the Seattle march are invited to contact Muzin or HEU communications staff by cell phone starting at 11:00 a.m. HEU activists from various regions of B.C. may be available for live spots.