HEU urges government to act on proven public solutions now that Health Conversation over

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B.C.’s largest health care union says it’s time for government to act on proven public solutions that will improve health care and protect British Columbians from growing pressures to pay out-of-pocket for their health care needs.

Hospital Employees’ Union secretary-business manager Judy Darcy called on the provincial government to respect the overwhelming consensus of Conversation on Health participants and implement evidence-based public solutions put forward by citizens, patients, health care workers and policy experts.

“Now that the ‘conversation’ is over, it’s time for politicians to demonstrate that they were listening to British Columbians and that they are prepared to put the evidence ahead of their ideological commitment to privatization,” says Darcy.

“Citizens want real health care improvements that benefit all British Columbians equally, not just those who can afford the $4,000 membership fee for a membership in a private health clinic.”

Darcy added that solutions like public primary care clinics, a comprehensive health care human resources strategy, streamlined surgical waitlists and bulk purchasing programs for pharmaceuticals could all be implemented immediately.

“Instead, the B.C. government continues to leave British Columbians vulnerable to long waitlists, a deepening staffing crisis, and increasing privatization despite health conversation participants’ clear message that they want public solutions for stronger public health care.”

HEU’s submission to the Conversation on Health.