Lodge on 4th lays off health care workers to make way for contracting out

Quality and continuity of care and support for residents jeopardized
News release
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More than 150 health care workers, members of the Hospital Employees’ Union, employed at Lodge on 4th have received lay-off notices despite presenting a proposal to the Lodge’s owner that is cost-efficient, would maintain quality of care and support services for residents, and would retain the in-house staff.

HEU assistant secretary-business manager Bonnie Pearson says that contracting out is the wrong way to go and will impact quality and continuity of care for the seniors who live at the Ladysmith residential care facility.

“Contracting out has negative consequences for the workers and for the residents they care for,” says Pearson. “The disruption and upheaval caused by contracting out creates unnecessary anxiety for seniors and is distressing to families who depend on staff to look after their loved ones.”

Research within Canada and from abroad shows that privatization and contracting out leads to reduced staffing levels in care facilities, lower wages with fewer benefits and heavier workloads for employees.

Workers affected include licensed practical nurses, care aides, cooks and food services workers, laundry workers, and activities, rehabilitation and clerical staff.