Sinclair urges Campbell to step back from decision to rip up agreements

News release

Premier Gordon Campbell should step back from his decision to rip up a wide range of union collective agreements, says B.C. Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair, to save the province from the economic and social turmoil that would result.

"We know that tomorrow's session of the Legislature will impose a contract on teachers that rolls back vital safeguards for our children's education," said B.C. Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair. "That will have a devastating impact on our education system and very serious consequences for our children.

"But we have been reliably informed that the government will also move to rip up a wide range of agreements with health, community and social services workers, including provisions of agreements this government itself imposed less than six months ago.

"We are repeating the call we made to the Premier several weeks ago: step back and reflect. If you rip up these agreements, you will take our province down a path of prolonged confrontation."

The changes pursued by the Liberals are contrary to the Premier's own election pledges, Sinclair said, and are designed to eliminate key services across BC to pay for the government's massive tax breaks to the rich and big business.

Sinclair said the Officers and Executive Council of the B.C. Federation of Labour have scheduled a special meeting for Monday, January 28, to consider their response to the government's latest actions.