Sunset Lodge scraps private cleaning, food services contract - Bring services back in-house, says HEU

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The Hospital Employees’ Union says it’s time for the Salvation Army to bring housekeeping and food services back in-house in order to improve seniors’ care at a lodge it runs in Victoria.

The union’s call comes on news that Sunset Lodge has cancelled its contract with British corporation Compass Group which has provided health support services for the last two years.

During that period, Sunset Lodge has been the subject of dozens of news stories and numerous licensing reports focusing on the state of cleanliness and food at the 100-bed seniors’ facility.

“This is a golden opportunity to restore quality care to the Lodge’s residents by bringing housekeeping and dietary services back in-house now,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

“It would be an insult to these seniors and their families to repeat this failed experiment in privatization.”

HEU is writing the Salvation Army today to ask for a meeting to discuss ways to bring housekeeping and food services back in-house.

The Salvation Army was one of the first health employers on Vancouver Island to use the Campbell government’s contract-shredding law — Bill 29 — to fire more than 50 HEU members who previously provided health support services at the Lodge.


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