Newsletters for 1999

HEU's efforts to stop the lab privatization bid of Capital Health Region CEO Tom Closson in Victoria have succeeded in slowing the boss' plans to privatize public lab services in t...Read More
Union to negotiate to make the benefit a permanent improvementRead More
Health employers apparently misled union about available levelling funds during last round of facilities bargainingRead More
Costly deal a warning to B.C. politicians—don't try it here A controversial plan to supply Winnipeg hospitals with reheated food from a central food services plant has been iced by...Read More
It took only a few hours of formal hearings the afternoon of Dec. 21, but now the B.C. Labour Relations Board is deciding the final outcome of an employer appeal of arbitrator Step...Read More
Meanwhile, negotiations on applying the award have been proceeding As HEU continues negotiations with health employers on how to implement a major comparability decision, B.C.'s fi...Read More
As part of our efforts to press government and employers to implement our recent comparability victory, HEU is launching a special hotline to keep members up-to-date and informed a...Read More
St. Paul's ER survey focuses need for employer commitment and increased staffing to ensure workplace safety and quality health careRead More
Employer bid to create two-tier rights rejected HEU and its facility sector union bargaining association partners have won the first major skirmish over interpretation of important...Read More
HEU marks tenth anniversary with annual sticker designed by Nelson local memberRead More
HEU has taken health employers to an arbitrator in an effort to enforce the standard wages and benefits contained in the 1998-2001 facilities collective agreement. The issue primar...Read More
But Labour Relations Board dismisses employer charges of unfair labour practices against HEU and other unions A preliminary decision brought down by the B.C. Labour Relations Board...Read More
B.C. projectionists hit with employers' escalated demands for 90 per cent cost cuts Members of the B.C. Projectionists' Union continue to fight the good fight against corporate tyr...Read More
HEU launches campaign to bring security officers into bargaining unit HEU locals in the Simon Fraser Health Region are launching a public campaign to support the union's efforts to...Read More
Follow lead of Chretien, end the delays and pay up, HEU urges health employers On the same momentous day the Chretien government reached a formal agreement to pay out more than $3....Read More
Results help Provincial Executive respond better to concerns, needs of members HEU is gearing up to carry out a major poll of union members to find out what you think about a varie...Read More
But Ottawa's defense lacks crediblity without new commitment to health spending, HEU tells MPs An announcement by Alberta Premier Ralph Klein that his government plans to contract...Read More
HEU to make major presentation at Dec. 1 CHR board meeting HEU's campaign to keep Capital Health Region lab services public got an important boost Nov. 19, when four Victoria-area...Read More
But health employers continue with appeal of historic awardRead More
Another stalling tactic launched by the Health Sciences Association will further delay a decision by the Labour Relations Board on a request from HEU that the board reconsider a ru...Read More
Four new certifications are the fruit of HEU organizers' labourRead More
Union president Fred Muzin says HEU activists played positive role across B.C. in making labours' views heardRead More
HEU Finnish Home members and residents win reversal of caretaker's unfair evictionRead More
Our goal is to keep our lab services publicRead More
Health board's lack of vision catapults deteriorating state of rehab into provincial spotlightRead More
HEU members in the Capital Health Region are hopping mad — and it has nothing to do with Victoria General Hospital's rabbit problem. The health region has decided to raise the pric...Read More
Our dedicated activist brings solid workers' human rights values to two-year appointmentRead More
Details emerge of secret ties between the U.S. and Indonesian military units linked to East Timor violenceRead More
B.C. New Democrats have protected Medicare but Campbell's Liberals would change that Recent prairie election results saw Saskatchewan's NDP government humbled and Manitoba's Tories...Read More
HEU launches campaign to raise rehab's profile and improve services to people with disabilitiesRead More
Date: Monday, October 4 Time: 6:30 p.m. Place: Vancouver General Hospital Nurses Residence 2851 Heather (@ 12th Ave.) All members of HEU's nursing team in the Lower Mainland are in...Read More
Please come, say UBC Students for Choice This is an urgent message to HEU members. UBC Students for Choice want as many friends and supporters as possible to come to a peaceful pro...Read More
Public health care employers had no business supporting health care privatization, says HEU The Health Employers Association of BC has withdrawn its support for the BC Business Sum...Read More
Health employers and the Health Sciences Association are asking the Labour Relations Board to retroactively "deunionize" a group of counsellors at the Richmond Alcohol and Drug Act...Read More
Pension reform is past due This week the NDP government introduced a bill which when enacted will enable public sector workers — including those in health care — to have a direct s...Read More
Health care bosses join HSA in opposing HEU's labour board applicationRead More
HEU's anti-P3 campaign gains support with seniors, NDP delegatesRead More
Proposed Public Sector Pension Plans Act gives workers access to joint trusteeship over pension plan The NDP government is about to introduce legislation that will give HEU and oth...Read More
You may be eligible for pension benefits Are you an HEU member who has been working as a casual? If you are, you may be eligible and required to be covered under the Municipal Pens...Read More
In an eight-to-one majority vote, Canada’s top court this morning ruled that “spouse” includes same-sex partners. The ground-breaking decision alters the way family is defined in C...Read More
An important decision delivered April 28 by the Labour Relations Board restores the rights of community social services workers to engage in a full range of job actions to achieve...Read More
Gordon Campbell’s plans mirror B.C. Business Summit agenda The B.C. Liberals want to replace the current collective bargaining rights of health care workers with an alternate dispu...Read More
HEU’s 1999 Summer School will show them how Sign-up for this year’s HEU Summer School is underway. Participants will learn how “to take back our power” at the University of British...Read More
Pacific Blue Cross, the carrier for HEU’s 43,000 facilities sector members’ extended health benefits, will hold its annual general meeting (AGM) at the Westin Bayshore Hotel, 1601...Read More
HEU’s Provincial Executive has given the green light to the union’s participation in discussions aimed at safeguarding members’ pension plans. The move comes as the provincial gove...Read More
Unions representing more than 120,000 public sector workers have sided with HEU in its bid to overturn a labour board decision that undermines health care labour relations. BCGEU a...Read More
The B.C. Business Summit has announced a new offensive against the policies of B.C.’s NDP government focussing on the recent provincial budget that increased health care spending b...Read More
Narrow interpretation of Bill 28 undermines health care reform, says HEURead More
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act used to force changes to employer formRead More
HEU and HEABC prepare by narrowing down outstanding issuesRead More
Canadian Labour Congress sanctions on raiding fail to prevent HSA move on clinical perfusionistsRead More
Health Records members present views to medical VP, win commitment to external reviewRead More
Canadian workers are still “Left out in the Cold” In his budget speech earlier this week, federal Finance Minister Paul Martin ignored the plight of unemployed Canadians and did no...Read More
Interest remains high and presenters are encouraged to register nowRead More
Intense weekend negotiations result in acceptable collective agreementRead More
HEU is seeking expressions of interests from local activists to serve on one of eight Provincial Executive committees which are listed below. Each committee will include four local...Read More
Legislative committee to visit ten cities throughout the province The B.C. legislature’s special committee on the MAI goes on the road in February for phase II of public hearings o...Read More
HEU members prepare for possible pickets HEU activists are preparing for possible picket activity in the event that the paramedical’s rotating job action in the week of Jan. 11 - 1...Read More
Arbitrator Stephen Kelleher has called for “finality” in the process of determining comparabilty between HEU members in the facilities sector and BCGEU members who carry out simila...Read More