Newsletters for 2000

HEU is seeking expressions of interests from local activists to serve on one of 10 Provincial Executive committees which are listed below. Each committee will include four local ac...Read More
By Jim Sinclair President, B.C. Federation of Labour British Columbians are bracing for the highest gas bills in the province’s history. Businesses like value-added gas plants and...Read More
Some non-union employers receive comparability funds, but HEABC refuses to implement adjustments for 1,000 union members Calling it “nothing but union-busting,” HEU secretary-busin...Read More
Arbitration ruling made earlier this year sets the tone for security services to come in-house Security officers from Delta, Langley Memorial, Peace Arch and Surrey Memorial hospit...Read More
A comprehensive series of progressive new health care initiatives by the NDP and a commitment of $320 million in new health funding announced earlier in December is a very positive...Read More
HEU community sector workers certified after November 2, 1998 are entitled to increased monetary benefits under the 1998-2001 community subsector collective agreement says governme...Read More
Major parties look for credibility on Medicare, but their records tell a different story With less than three weeks left in the federal election campaign, HEU members are being urg...Read More
HEU members have approved major changes to their union's main pension plan by ratifying a tentative agreement by 89 per cent. The vote was carried out from late October to mid Nove...Read More
Thanks to some hard work by HEU and other health care unions, the provincial government has directed health care facilities to change the coercive mandatory flu vaccination program...Read More
Groundbreaking new study exposes the impact of federal and B.C. cuts to community-based health care The B.C. Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the Hospital Emp...Read More
HEU members at Victoria Chinatown Care Centre are entitled immediately to the full wages, benefits and working conditions of the facilities sector collective agreement says arbitra...Read More
No public/private partnerships to replace Victoria’s extended care facility, say HEU activistsRead More
Hospital Employees’ Union members at Sharondale Lodge and Sunrise Manor ratifed their new collective agreement by a vote of 100 per cent on Aug. 31, 2000. They will be part of the...Read More
Campbell panned for supporting tax breaks for wealthy but opposing minimum wage boost for lowest-paid workers When it comes to valuing the efforts of health care workers, Premier U...Read More
HEU believes that health prevention is a good thing, and many of our members have had the benefit of voluntarily receiving flu shots in the past. However, we don’t believe that coe...Read More
If ratified, agreement will give workers more control over key issues like increased pension payments Representatives of unions, employers and government have finalized a draft wor...Read More
Burnaby council shares union’s concerns over health region’s plans to reduce number of care beds The Hospital Employees’ Union is joining with concerned individuals and groups to f...Read More
Accepting the memorandum would negate their arbitration award, but rejection may mean closure of the facility On Sept. 19 HEU members at Waverly of Chilliwack are voting on rejecti...Read More
BCNU agrees to dispute resolution process on LPN, RN roles through B.C. Fed In a Sept. 22 meeting with health minister Mike Farnworth, HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt...Read More
Purchases to reduce injury rates to be coordinated through new Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare The government’s recent allocation of $10 million for B.C. healt...Read More
MDs use union strategies but disregard principles of solidarity and collective bargaining More than 200 rural physicians and specialists have withdrawn services at hospitals in the...Read More
But HEU members are having a hard time getting opposition leader’s ear B.C. Liberal boss Gordon Campbell has probably met more HEU members in the last two weeks than in his entire...Read More
CUPE Local 873 deserves support of HEU members HEU members are no doubt aware of the dispute between B.C.’s ambulance paramedics and their employer. CUPE Local 873 (Ambulance Param...Read More
HEU says action results in “two-tier” treatment of workers, refers issue to Kelleher HEU is taking B.C.’s health employers in front of pay equity arbitrator Stephen Kelleher after...Read More
HEU reaches agreement with health employers on how to allocate $8.5 million in comparability/pay equity interest HEU and health employers have reached an agreement on how to pay ou...Read More
Cooperation between union and management was key to resolution HEU and management at the University of British Columbia Hospital have agreed on actions that need to be taken to cle...Read More
Eleventh hour request by HEABC an attempt to deflect blame for mismanagement of RRSP adjustments, says union HEU’s Provincial Executive has rejected a request from B.C. health empl...Read More
Simon Fraser Health Region is their employer, not Paladin In a precedent-setting ruling, arbitrator Don Munroe has agreed with the Hospital Employees’ Union’s contention that secur...Read More
There are many fond memories of this kind-hearted and dedicated HEU member Old-time HEU activists will recognize the name of Dennis Jeffrey who passed away on Friday, July 7 at Pen...Read More
Board misinterpreted Health Authorities Act HEU has won a landmark victory in its appeal of a Labour Relations Board interpretation of the Health Authorities Act. HEU, along with C...Read More
Health care workers have special reasons to support raise for low-income earners As the B.C. government considers increasing minimum wage levels, it is important to remind Victoria...Read More
The Open Learning Agency has slashed costs for this program in halfRead More
Victoria Chinatown Care Centre residents told they must relocate HEU care providers from the Victoria Chinatown Care Centre faced the Capital Health Region board last week as inter...Read More
Arbitrator says qualifications and duties merit higher salary rate Nine paramedical workers at the Richmond Alcohol and Drug Action Team have good reason to celebrate after arbitra...Read More
OH&S activists asked to discontinue use of Dursban after product voluntarily withdrawn in U.S. Local OH&S activists are being asked to keep an eye out for a dangerous pesticide tha...Read More
Member poll provides Union with insight on members’ bargaining concerns Hundreds of HEU members will be receiving phone calls from the union’s polling firm as part of a comprehensi...Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union recently made a submission to the Workers’ Compensation Board in support of the proposed Environmental Tobacco Smoke Regulation. The new regulation wi...Read More
Big crowds attracted to rallies against health care privatization A new chapter in the fight against health care privatization opened on June 14 as Canada’s largest health care uni...Read More
HEU members must submit outstanding claims, receipts to Pacific Blue Cross by end of monthRead More
Premier Ujjal Dosanjh said that Albertaís Bill 11 is another step towards the privatization of Medicare as western provincial and territorial leaders wrapped up their first ministe...Read More
Persistent rumours of closure threaten VCCC Tuesday, May 23 at12:30 pm Victoria Chinatown Care Centre 555 Herald StreetRead More
With Canada's Medicare system facing its biggest privatization threat ever in the form of Ralph Klein's bid to legalize private hospitals, health care workers from coast to coast w...Read More
Victory also includes money for LTD recipients Arbitrator Stephen Kelleher has resolved the disputed issue of outstanding interest owing on HEUís recent comparability/pay equity vi...Read More
New report confirms that health care workers suffer highest rates of job-related injury and disease, most likely to be victims of violence A new report by the Workers' Compensation...Read More
Negotiations between unions, government and health employers are underway this week on changes to the governance of HEU members' Municipal Superannuation pension plan that could br...Read More
With passage of private hospital's law in Alberta, unions redouble efforts to pressure Ottawa to actRead More
1-888-696-2044 - that's the brand new HEU Women's Committee toll-free number. It's up and running now, giving members throughout the province another way of getting information on...Read More
A recent announcement by the Ministry of Advanced Education of a 28 per cent increase in training seats for Licenced Practical Nurses is a positive step that recognizes the importa...Read More
Improvements part of comparability/pay equity settlementRead More
Pay adjustments on or before May 1, retro by Sept. 8 Almost 40,000 HEU members in the facilities sector will see comparability-related wage rate adjustments on their pay cheques on...Read More
Health minister speaks out on the critical role HEU members play in B.C.'s health care facilitiesRead More
Union bosses given huge whack of taxpayers' money, says Liberal health critic Opposition health critic Colin Hansen (MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena) targeted HEU's recent pay equity v...Read More
HEU and its facilities sector bargaining partners are launching an appeal of a late March arbitration decision that went against the union bargaining association on the issue of ap...Read More
Arbitrator's rejection of union grievance means levelling will be key demand in 2001 bargaining In a disappointing decision, arbitrator Don Munroe has rejected HEU's bid to have al...Read More
HEU members and staff turn out to cement victory for Financial Secretary HEU financial secretary Mary LaPlante has been elected to the Board of Directors of Pacific Blue Cross at t...Read More
April 26 AGM at PNE in the Garden Auditorium The new Pacific Blue Cross board of directors will be elected on April 26 and HEU financial secretary Mary LaPlante is a candidate. Thi...Read More
But input from front-line workers is of utmost importanceRead More
HEU activists occupy M.P.'s office as part of national Medicare campaign Women have the most at stake in the fight to prevent the destruction of Canada's health care system says Ca...Read More
No word yet on whether health employers will appeal ruling Now that arbitrator Stephen Kelleher has confirmed HEU's historic comparability/pay equity award of last fall, the union...Read More
Two legal opinions have blasted the legality of Ralph Klein's transparent attempts to privatize health care in Alberta and raised the alarm of their repercussions for all Canadians...Read More
But labour board decision delays implementation as arbitrator must clarify award B.C.'s Labour Relations Board has upheld arbitrator Stephen Kelleher's September 1999 comparability...Read More
Activists outraged by Chretien Liberals' "wealth care not health care budget" Health care activists stepped up the pressure on the federal Liberals in the wake of a budget that fai...Read More
HEU/HEABC agreement means no appeal of Kelleher decision An agreement between health employers and HEU means facilities sector members will receive comparability-related pay adjust...Read More
Facilities members receive $58 a month wage boost All HEU members working in the facilities sector will see their monthly wage rates rise by $58 a month on April 1 as a result of n...Read More
Arbitrator clarifies comparability award HEU is calling on health employers to move forward with the implementation of comparability without delay now that arbitrator Stephen Kelle...Read More
Pacific Blue Cross, the carrier for HEU's 43,000 facilities sector members' extended health and dental benefits, will hold its annual general meeting (AGM) at the PNE on Wednesday,...Read More
Dosanjh signals modernization and strengthening of health care as key government priority B.C.'s new premier flagged the strengthening and modernizing of health care as a key prior...Read More
After visiting more than two dozen health care facilities over nine days, CUPE's Medicare ambulance was handed over Feb. 22 to Alberta health care activists on the Alberta-B.C. bor...Read More
Various stops and events set for B.C. as ambulance heads to health care emergency in Alberta As part of the official launch of the nation-wide campaign by the Canadian Union of Pub...Read More
In a candid presentation at a special forum on health care issue Jan. 27 sponsored by the B.C. Chamber of Commerce, HEU president Fred Muzin challenged B.C. business leaders to be...Read More
HEU is committed to playing a leading role in a cross-Canada campaign that's being organized by our national union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, to protect Medicare and...Read More
LRB decision on HEABC appeal to be handed down by early February while union readies membership mailout HEU members are moving into a crucial stage in our efforts to finally resolv...Read More
Members receive details of proposed wage adjustments along with a call to stand ready to defend comparability win A letter summarizing HEU's historic comparability award is being s...Read More
A qualified worker who is on leave cannot be denied a posting, even if unavailable at the time the job commences, says investigator Judy Korbin in a Dec. 30 recommendation. Korbin...Read More