Newsletters for 2001

Here’s what we can do to fight Liberal efforts to roll back our collective agreements Health care workers across B.C. are angry and alarmed that Premier Campbell is ready to break...Read More
But a decade of pay equity progress threatened by Campbell Liberals A significant ruling by a pay equity arbitrator means all HEU members covered by the facilities collective agree...Read More
Flexibility’ sought by government is code for contracting-out, privatizing health services In the lead up to last spring’s provincial election, Premier Gordon Campbell said he didn...Read More
In communities across B.C., HEU locals are working with other unions and our allies in community groups to start a coordinated fight back campaign to counter Gordon Campbell's atta...Read More
The HEU MSA Local is hosting a free community pancake breakfast at the Sevenoaks Mall in Abbotsford from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 8. Members will serve up the...Read More
Strong response promised if Campbell breaks pledge to honour signed agreements HEU and other unions have reacted angrily to a leaked government document which shows the Campbell go...Read More
More than 2,100 delegates representing CUPE locals from across the country overwhelmingly rejected a bid to exclude HEU when the union’s national convention got underway in Vancouv...Read More
SHOWING THIS MONTH DATE Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2001 TIME 5:00 p.m. WHERE HEU Provincial Office Conference Centre 5000 North Fraser Way Burnaby, B.C. Killing Us Softly 3: Jean Kilbourne’s...Read More
Hundreds of delegates flood downtown Vancouver in middle of a downpour In pouring rain, more than 1000 CUPE delegates marched from their convention site at the Vancouver Convention...Read More
Privately contracted services quickly ushered in to do bargaining unit work Fourteen HEU members in housekeeping and security at Langley Gardens, a private, for-profit seniors’ com...Read More
Health minister Colin Hansen says that the Campbell government’s agenda for next year includes “a ton of legislation that will affect HEU members.” Hansen’s warning came at a Nov....Read More
More constructive approaches through House of Labour to be sought The Hospital Employees’ Union says it’s deeply disturbed by a legal challenge mounted by a local of the Canadian U...Read More
HEU, allies’ submissions give evidence of huge cost overruns, reduced service under private schemes More than 350 people packed Victoria’s health standing committee November 8 in S...Read More
LRB says partial decertification exception to rule All 164 HEU members of the Shelbourne local in Victoria are still in the union, thanks to a Labour Relations Board decision hande...Read More
More than 150 care providers at the North Vancouver-based North Shore Association for the Mentally Handicapped have ratified their first collective agreement with an overwhelming `...Read More
At issue: Closing the wage gap for nursing team members After considerable pressure on health employers, HEU and its union partners have secured a hearing date with arbitrator Step...Read More
Union highlights its solutions for better Medicare that the Sun ignored Get your facts right and start covering our solutions for better Medicare was the message HEU delivered to t...Read More
Business in driver’s seat, and they’re not going our way, says HEU The Hospital Employees’ Union says workers have lost their voice at the Workers’ Compensation Board after the Lib...Read More
On September 17 HEU’s provincial office moved to a new facility in South Burnaby. Located in the Glenlyon Industrial Park at 5000 North Fraser Way HEU's new provincial office bring...Read More
HEU president Fred Muzin has sent a letter on behalf of all HEU members, offering solidarity and condolences to our Service Employees International Union brothers and sisters in Ne...Read More
Labour, community groups call public meeting Sept. 30 to oppose Liberal plans B.C.’s Liberal government is threatening to cut Pharmacare funding, putting lifesaving drugs out of re...Read More
Cuts would directly impact HEU membersRead More
Pharmacare works in British Columbia Although the Liberal government says it is spending too much money on B.C.’s Pharmacare program, this province actually spends less per capita...Read More
What's the deal? The business of developing cures and treatments for disease is fraught with contradictions. Its raison d’être is to help people. But being so highly valued — it at...Read More
The 2001 HEU Equity Conference will be held October 10th and 11th, 2001 at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, 6083 McKay Avenue, Burnaby, B.C. The theme for this year is "Employment E...Read More
Union readies campaign to press for fair wages for nursing team members Pay equity negotiations between the union bargaining committee and the Health Employers Association of B.C....Read More
Check out Cap College’s Labour Studies Program Fall 2001 Fall is just around the corner and with it comes the opportunity to expand your knowledge, enhance your skills, and build y...Read More
Stat holiday pay to increase Sept. 1 Issues around the calculation of statutory holiday pay for part-time workers covered by the facilities sector agreement have been settled, resu...Read More
Legislation will harm labour relations in B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and his Liberal government have moved quickly to weaken the rights of working people and their unions with a...Read More
And the questions can be found in the HEU men’s issues survey HEU’s newest provincial committee wants to know what you think about men’s issues. The men’s committee is canvassing H...Read More
HEU offers to work cooperatively to strengthen public Medicare HEU met formally for the first time on August 14 with the four new Liberal cabinet ministers responsible for health c...Read More
HEU/CUPE candidates received $32,000 in cash support from union for May 16 vote HEU provided considerable financial support to union members who ran for office in the May 16 provin...Read More
But Campbell Liberals also signal cuts to public services The Campbell Liberals say they’ll improve training programs for care aides and LPNs, build 5,000 new long-term care beds a...Read More
HEU is fighting moves by health employers to shortchange community health workers on wage increases effective two years ago and to further delay subsequent wage boosts. At issue is...Read More
Paramedical union will be embarking on its own creative job action, and urges other health care workers to report for work Monday (posted July 22 at 9:00 p.m.) Leaders of the Healt...Read More
Health employers want newly elected government to gut collective bargaining rights and dismantle HEU’s main bargaining unit Legislation banning job action is just the first of a lo...Read More
B.C.’s new Liberal government has targeted the collective bargaining rights of health care workers in a move that HEU says is a provocative and heavy-handed intervention on the sid...Read More
Improvement means that more prescription drugs will now be covered Winning benefit improvements was a top priority during the last round of bargaining and the new facilities subsec...Read More
Union president Muzin calls on Premier Hamm to withdraw draconian legislationRead More
The allocation of 2001 pay equity funds for facilities sector caregivers is on hold because health employers say they’re too busy dealing with the Registered Nurses bargaining disp...Read More
Liberals’ broken promise will increase pressure on health care budget in 2002 It was never talked about during the campaign, but yesterday Premier Gordon Campbell delivered deep ta...Read More
B.C.’s top public health official says we can preserve medicare without bringing in user fees. According to media reports, Chief Medical Officer Perry Kendall says health care shou...Read More
HEU took home three awards for communications excellence from the Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM) annual conference held May 5 in Guelph, Ontario. HEU’s flagship public...Read More
HEU’s first-vice president lauded for his major contributions to the union HEU’s first vice-president David Ridley has announced his retirement effective July 31 and will resign hi...Read More
NDP passes changes to end division of community and facilities workers, but Liberals give thumbs down to justice Premier Ujjal Dosanjh made good on his commitment to tear down the...Read More
B.C.’s 4,500 Licenced Practical Nurses would have greater roles in efforts to ease nursing shortage While the public may be increasingly focused on health care bargaining, the Hosp...Read More
Upcoming Guardian, union website provide election tools for HEU members Health care workers have a huge stake in the outcome of the B.C. election called for May 16. The upcoming is...Read More
Mary LaPlante urges HEU members to vote for progressive candidates Mark your calendars to attend the Pacific Blue Cross Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, April 25 at 7:00 p.m. a...Read More
B.C.’s largest union of women is calling on all MLAs to support a strong pay equity law during the upcoming legislative session that begins next week. “It’s past time that we put a...Read More
HEU members who work in the information systems (IS) department at Richmond Hospital know first-hand just how important the union’s demands for wage and benefit parity and “one con...Read More
The NDP government has backed up its commitment to our public health care system with a recent series of significant capital funding announcements totaling more than $300 million....Read More
Union members say it would be better to spend money on underfunded health care system The Sunshine Coast Community Health Council canceled a staff appreciation dinner when HEU memb...Read More
`Health care or tax cuts?’ spotlights impact of Harris tax cut agenda on Medicare in Ontario With an election just around the corner, the Hospital Employees’ Union says a new video...Read More
The stakes will be high for health care, labour B.C. workers have a huge stake in the upcoming provincial election. They know first-hand how government policies on labour and healt...Read More
Dorsey pulls rug out from under employer on Capital Health Region issue In the fall of 1999, the Capital Health Region bit off more than it could chew when it announced that parkin...Read More
In addition to backing from seniors and disability advocacy groups, the public is also supportive of efforts by the Hospital Employees’ Union and other health care unions to negoti...Read More
U.S. affiliate of Central Park Lodges Ltd. surrenders facilities, banned for 20 years in Washington state A U.S. long-term care operator with links to Canada’s largest private, for...Read More
HEU members advised to “stand ready” to support job action B.C.’s 3,500 ambulance paramedics are at the bargaining table this week in an 11th hour effort to negotiate a new collect...Read More
While seniors and people with disabilities advocacy groups rally to support the Hospital Employees’ Union’s bargaining demand to substantially increase staffing levels in long-term...Read More
The last two months of 2000 brought 174 new members into HEU from four sites. The new certifications come from the community, facilities, community social services and independent...Read More
The committee will oversee implementation of NDP government’s health action plan HEU third vice president Colleen Fitzpatrick has been appointed to an advisory committee which will...Read More
Dozens of caregivers attend today’s hearing into their exclusion from landmark pay equity/comparability award Dozens of front-line caregivers representing more than 1,000 of their...Read More
By 2004, fees for licensed day care will be reduced to $14 a day The Hospital Employees’ Union says the Jan. 8 announcement by social development minister Mike Farnworth of $350 mi...Read More