Newsletters for 2002

More than 150 Salmon Arm residents gathered for a candle light vigil at Pioneer Lodge on December 21 to demand the Campbell government stop its plan to close the 75 bed long-term c...Read More
Goal is to raise consumer awareness about Campbell’s corporate backers and health privatization scheme The BC Health Coalition launched its Health care NOT Wealth care campaign rec...Read More
The pouring rain and howling winds subsided long enough on Saturday, Dec. 14 for more than 250 people including seniors, students, and HEU members from across the Lower Mainland to...Read More
CUPE and HEU members hold joint bargaining conference More than 100 HEU and CUPE members began preparations for the next round of bargaining in the community social services sector...Read More
The Mean One warns of contracting out during seasonal stop at St. Paul’s Hospital HEU’s Grinch paid a surprise visit to St. Paul’s Hospital on December 11 and while his appearance...Read More
Gordon Campbell is in no position to lecture municipal politicians on the ethics of upholding agreements, says the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) in response to comments attribut...Read More
Pensioners, union members urged to fight Liberal’s Pharmacare offloading scheme Retirees and active members of the Municipal Pension Plan (MPP) were out in force Nov. 2 in a number...Read More
HEU retirees, parents and grandparents of EU members encouraged to attend The Seniors’ Network BC is calling on seniors to attend a mass rally and march on November 26 in Victoria...Read More
Resources for HEU members who have recently been laid off or are expecting to be laid off in the future. Click here for more information on the HEU Action Centre.Read More
LRB confirms rights for unions and their members in facilities and paramedical subsectors Regional posting rights — one of the main achievements to come out of the 2001 round of he...Read More
Make your ballot count for more by voting only for candidates you support The November 16th municipal elections are an opportunity for British Columbians to send a message to Gordo...Read More
LRB rules expanded seniority rights for all PHC health workers in Vancouver Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) members working in all Providence Health Care facilities in Vancouver a...Read More
Community social services members to receive package to begin process After months of negotiations, the four unions in the community social services sector and the Community Social...Read More
Guardian readers in the North Kootenays have asked for clarification about the status of Victorian Hospital in the community of Kaslo. The cover of the most recent issue features a...Read More
Interactive live broadcast is a unique opportunity for member input The Municipal Pension Board of Trustees will be discussing issues of vital importance to HEU members at its Annu...Read More
Capping off a week of passionate debate and creative protests against the B.C. government, close to 600 HEU delegates emerged from the union’s 23rd biennial convention strong, unit...Read More
HEU has strong presence as thousands hit streets to protest Campbell’s reckless agenda They shut down a university, closed the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, took a stand...Read More
More than 600 HEU members from every corner of the province took their message of defiance to the doorstep of Premier Gordon Campbell’s constituency office Tuesday in a day marked...Read More
Protesters lined the TransCanada Highway today from Boston Bar to Spence’s Bridge to protest the closure of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in Lytton. The highway protest, with placards...Read More
What can we learn from Alberta’s experience on assisted living Closing long-term care facilities and substituting assisted living spaces for frail seniors is a key part of the Camp...Read More
In an unprecedented attempt to prevent HEU members from cleaning a new building at Children’s and Women’s Hospital, hospital brass have ordered their own managers into scrubs to do...Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union is taking its fight against the provincial government's health privatization plans directly to city streets this week with a billboard campaign that i...Read More
Community and health care workers gear up for fight Health care workers at St. Mary’s Hospital in New Westminster are in limbo until Minister of Health Services Colin Hansen brings...Read More
The Labour Relations Board issued an oral decision today on expanded rights for displaced employees. The Board’s ruling comes after HEU and other unions applied to provide expanded...Read More
Health care workers, seniors, unions and other supporters of public health care trucked down the freeway today in the Caravan for Care. Their destination? The Fraser Health Authori...Read More
Health workers join seniors, community activists in convoy for Medicare On Friday, August 16, Hospital Employees’ Union members from the Fraser Health Authority will be revving the...Read More
On August 6, HEU members at Mayfair Manor in Port Coquitlam ratified their new collective agreement by a resounding 94 per cent. The HEU bargaining committee for the 57 long-term c...Read More
Trail-blazers provide food services at South Granville Park Lodge HEU members who are employed by French multinational Sodexho and provide food services for the residents of South...Read More
HEU members at Miracle Valley, an independent residential drug and alcohol program in Mission run by the Salvation Army, ratified their first collective agreement by a resounding 9...Read More
The Labour Relations Board has ruled that displaced employees have broader rights than health employers have tried to impose under the Campbell Liberals’ Bill 29. The Board’s decis...Read More
B.C.’s health authorities take notice, says HEU The French multinational Sodexho bussed in teenagers from army camps in Wales and England in an effort to break a strike by Scottish...Read More
Employer wanted "flexibility" to contract out, HEU negotiators said "no way" A new collective agreement at Royal City Manor represents a major win not only for the 110 HEU members...Read More
Bill 29 fallout — workers at private care facility decertify in wake of lay-offs and contracting-out Workers at the private, for-profit Sherwood Crescent Guest Home, a seniors’ car...Read More
Colleagues of Leo Bibo will be holding a special ceremony to remember the long-time HEU activist who died July 5. The memorial is set for Wed. July 17, from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m....Read More
HEU has launched another 30-second spot in our province-wide TV ad campaign against privatization. Called "One Mistake", the ad looks at the role of skilled, experienced health car...Read More
HEU Lions Gate members get active and involved in citizens’ coalition Mark your calendar for fun, food and food for thought on August 3 because that Saturday, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:...Read More
Three other hospitals have surgical levels downgraded as new CEO moves on Liberals’ reckless health care agenda New Fraser Health Authority CEO Bob Smith hasn’t wasted any time imp...Read More
Last week all of the unions in healthcare won our case at the Labour Relations Board on “Who is the employer” under the Facilities, Nurses and Paramedical Agreements. We argued tha...Read More
With his wife and family at his bedside, long-time HEU activist and Provincial Executive member Leo Bibo died peacefully at St. Mary’s Hospital in New Westminster July 5 after a le...Read More
Seniors and health workers from HEU and the BCGEU stood up for public health care today at a lunch hour rally in front of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority offices. Speakers n...Read More
Health care workers and other union members from across the country were on hand Tuesday morning to show their support for HEU’s protest action against the Campbell government’s ex...Read More
VIHA to explain shut down of newly-renovated regional facility on June 7 The fight to keep the newly-renovated Cowichan District Hospital laundry facility open and 12 jobs in the c...Read More
Parkholm Lodge residents and their families rack up successes in fight to save their home On April 23, the 85 residents of Parkholm Lodge heard that the Campbell government wanted...Read More
Sharing his country’s experience with privately financed and owned hospitals, a British medical expert says that private-public partnerships (P3s) are “poor value for money” that c...Read More
Support for health care picket lines strong in community-led protest. Community activists in Duncan and Chemainus signaled their anger with the policies of the Campbell government...Read More
HEU members to meet at 10:30 a.m., Library Square in Vancouver The next stage in the fight against the extreme agenda of Gordon Campbell’s Liberals is a giant march and rally set f...Read More
B.C. Fed vows to aid HEU members in their fight The B.C. Federation of Labour today exposed a plan by major multinational corporations to blackball fired HEU members from working i...Read More
Libs pushing seniors, disabled aside at G.F. Strong Workers from G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre took to Oak Street and 25th Avenue Wednesday to stand up for the people they care...Read More
Move would halt efforts to close seniors homes like Moberly Manor in Revelstoke As part of its fight to protect health care services for British Columbians and jobs for health care...Read More
But HEU members mark April 23 as “Fightback Tuesday” and vow to defend public health care The Campbell Liberals have laid bare their plans to cut health services, close hospitals a...Read More
HEU members are going to start the day tomorrow fighting back against the plans health authorities and the Liberal government have to destroy our public health care system. As the...Read More
B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell is on the defensive after an HEU investigation shed light on a meeting that Campbell held in New York City in early February with the disgraced former...Read More
Last week’s sit-in followed by march to North Van. MLA’s office this weekRead More
B.C. Federation of Labour leads delegation to Victoria to confront MLAs As part of the B.C. Federation of Labour’s Campaign BC, more than 40 people, most of them injured workers, t...Read More
STAND TOGETHER The Lower Mainland Coalition for Social Justice is holding a public meeting to seek your support to actively boycott the B.C. Liberal Referendum on the current treat...Read More
HEU community allies take motion to city councils that demands accountability from Campbell government HEU community allies are taking a resolution forward to municipal councils ar...Read More
Successful action plan vote will put HEU members in strong position to combat attacks on jobs, Medicare Without any consultation or public discussion, the Fraser Health Authority i...Read More
HEU members can wear their opposition to the Liberals’ folly the referendum on treaty negotiating principles — on their back. The Te’mexw Treaty Association in Victoria has produce...Read More
Would be privateers looking to profit from the Campbell government’s efforts to privatize health care services faced a bracing warning Monday morning from a demonstration of HEU me...Read More
Taking on Gordocchio How we are defending Medicare and health care workers The Liberal government’s attack on HEU members, the public health system and legally negotiated contracts...Read More
Local economy will feel the impact of health workers’ reduced spending Eighty-seven members of the HEU Chilliwack local have signed a statement indicating that, due to recent decis...Read More
Successful action plan votes put HEU members in strong position to combat attacks on jobs, Medicare Without any consultation or public discussion, the Vancouver Coastal Health Auth...Read More
The Provincial Executive encourages all HEU members to boycott the Liberal government referendum by spoiling your ballot (with the referendumb stickers for example) and by particip...Read More
Campaign B.C., the B.C. Federation of Labour's province-wide mobilization against the Campbell government's economic and social policies, is holding a massive May 25 march in Vanco...Read More
When Premier Campbell arrives at a special corporate dinner in Toronto Thursday, protesters and a full-page advertisement in the national edition of the Globe and Mail will welcome...Read More
They convey their message with creativity Members of HEU’s Goodwin local in Courtenay were so incensed at the Liberals’ cutting and slashing of government jobs, that they called a...Read More
Leaked document indicates most vulnerable pay for “extreme and blindingly ideological” health policies There will be less health care for seniors, children and victims of domestic...Read More
10 per cent perk if cut targets met appalling, says HEU Another leaked document reveals that the Campbell Liberals will give senior health bosses a ten per cent bonus—on top of the...Read More
Vancouver Coastal Health Authority targets tens of millions of dollars in reductions in acute, long-term care, home support and mental health services Leaked budget documents show...Read More
Vancouver Coastal Health Authority targets tens of millions of dollars in reductions in acute, long-term care, home support and mental health services Leaked budget documents show...Read More
Twenty HEU health workers laid off in wake of Bill 29 regulations The ink was barely dry on the regulations supporting the Campbell government’s draconian Bill 29 when Rosewood Man...Read More
Seniors' care falls through gaps in Medicare The most serious threat to health care sustainability is the pressure to commercialize and privatize the full range of health services...Read More
You can hear it by surfing to Select the Tuesday March 12, 2 p.m. time slot, and scroll to 34 minutes through the program segment for the beginn...Read More
While replacement plans remain vague, HEU workers, residents fight back with calls to keep it public HEU health workers and residents at Victoria’s Gorge Road Hospital have been in...Read More
Area-wide privatization of a health support service possible this spring under Bill 29 If the newly-formed Vancouver Coastal Health Authority can swing it, HEU members from North V...Read More
Cowichan Valley residents let their money do the talking to labour minister and local MLA Graham Bruce The Campbell Liberals have elevated business to the top of their most preferr...Read More
Impromptu demo characterizes militant mood at Saturday session More than 500 local leaders from HEU worksites across B.C. gathered in Richmond Saturday for an emergency meeting cal...Read More
More than 1500 angry and frustrated health care workers and their supporters marched through the streets of downtown Vancouver on Saturday, February 2. They were there to protest t...Read More
Bill 29 a grotesque abuse of power, HEU members fed up with Liberals false and malicious smears of their contract Serving notice that all 46,000 members of the Hospital Employees’...Read More
Most HEU facilities members will receive $30 a month boost retro to May 1 About 98 per cent of HEU members covered by the facilities sector contract will benefit from 2001 pay equi...Read More
Action plan to defend our contracts and protect Medicare the only issue In the face of the Campbell government plans to break our contracts, HEU local chairpersons and secretary-tr...Read More
Victoria makes "small" concession on cuts to community social services as activists rally across from legislature As more than 100 community social services workers, clients and th...Read More
Edmonton - As the government of Alberta prepared to release its blueprint for health care privatization, Canadians are demanding to be heard in the debate on the future of Medicare...Read More