Newsletters for 2004

The Canadian Union of Public Employees HEU's national union pledged $100,000 on Thursday to assist in the massive relief effort following the earthquake and tidal waves that have d...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Decision puts an end to six-month wait for more than 750 Sodexho food services workers THE B.C. Labour Relations Board has ordered a count of votes cast by...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Contract workers in Lower Mainland health facilities are one step closer to learning whether they’ve voted to join the Hospital Employees’ Union as a resul...Read More
More children, families forced to rely on food banks in B.C.—study Printer Friendly Version Policies of the B.C. Liberal government have “cut apart” the social safety net in our pr...Read More
Printer Friendly Version A CRITICAL ARBITRATION award handed down late Friday clears the way for the payout of $25 million in enhanced severance to hard-hit health care workers who...Read More
Printer Friendly Version WITH FLU season just around the corner, HEU is once again encouraging health care workers to take part in the province’s voluntary, on-site vaccination pro...Read More
[September 30, 2004 10:17 AM] Ottawa — According to the Federal Court, critics of the minister of health's failure to monitor, enforce and report under the Canada Health Act (CHA)...Read More
Printer Friendly Version THE MUNICIPAL PENSION PLAN will host its third annual general meeting on Saturday, October 2, 2004 in Vancouver at 9:30 a.m. But you can also catch a broad...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Fraser Health employees to leaflet public at PNE Sept. 19 B.C.’s largest health authority is betting that a day at Playland will boost morale for front-lin...Read More
Printer Friendly Version The Hospital Employees’ Union says government’s most recent ad campaign, extolling B.C. as the best place on earth to work, reads like a cruel joke to heal...Read More
Printer Friendly Version OTTAWA — Strong communities depend on innovative health care reform, not privatization and profiteering, says Canada’s largest union as the first ministers...Read More
Printer Friendly Version THE LESBIAN AND GAY STANDING COMMITTEE of the Hospital Employees’ Union will be supporting the AIDS Walk once again this year with their innovative and exc...Read More
Printer Friendly Version In a move guaranteed to cause further havoc throughout B.C.’s hospitals and long-term care facilities, health employers are now appealing an arbitrator’s d...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Discussions about the allocation of the $25 million in severance funding earmarked for contracted out health workers in the May 2 memorandum of agreement t...Read More
Printer Friendly Version BC’s 2004/2005 nursing strategy is providing $3.5 million to support recruitment, retention and education for the province’s nurses and that’s good news fo...Read More
Printer Friendly Version ARBITRATOR James Dorsey clarifies that the implementation date of the government-imposed 37.5-hour work week may be no sooner than September 30, 2004. In h...Read More
Printer Friendly Version THE EXPEDITED hearing on the implementation of the 37.5-hour work week was held Thursday and arbitrator James Dorsey — recognizing the urgent need to deal...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Dorsey to hold expedited hearing into the matter on Thursday B.C.’S HEALTH EMPLOYERS say they can implement the 37.5-hour work week as early as July 30 des...Read More
Printer Friendly Version But Dorsey rejects union bid to have 11 per cent wage exemptions subject to arbitration An arbitration award handed down late Thursday effectively delays t...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Licensed practical nurses told reporters in Vancouver Thursday that their professional practice would be undermined by a plan to move them into the bargain...Read More
The following opinion piece appeared in the July 15 edition of the National Post Chris Allnutt National Post Thursday, July 15, 2004Read More
Printer Friendly Version HEU and its union bargaining partners will appear in front of an arbitrator today in an effort to resolve some of the serious problems created by governmen...Read More
Printer Friendly Version The Labour Relations Board handed down an important decision Thursday that should clear the way for ballots to be counted at more than 30 health care sites...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Schedules reflect impact of government-imposed 11 per cent wage rollback and pay equity adjustments on both hourly and monthly salariesRead More
Printer Friendly Version A B.C. Supreme Court justice has fined the Hospital Employees’ Union $150,000 for civil contempt of court for its protests against the Campbell Liberals’ B...Read More
Printer Friendly Version HEU takes issue to arbitration HEALTH EMPLOYERS deny that there’s a looming retention and recruitment crisis facing high demand occupations and have reject...Read More
Printer Friendly Version A TWO-YEAR PAY EQUITY adjustment plan worth more than $36 million will bring 170 benchmarks up to their top-step pay equity target rate. In all, more than...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Vice-chair cites lack of proof of representation or ratification at MSA General Hospital For the second time in two weeks, the BC Labour Relations Board ha...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Interior plan shot down, but members urged to be wary of similar attempts province-wide IMPORTANT SHOP STEWARD ALERT An attempt by the Interior Health Auth...Read More
Printer Friendly Version HEABC to respond next week but cites media reports that labour minister ruled out exemptions HEU AND ITS UNION PARTNERS in the Facilities Bargaining Associ...Read More
Printer Friendly Version The Health Employers’ Association of B.C. has issued a new wage schedule that reduces pay rates by 11 per cent effective May 1. The government imposed wage...Read More
Printer Friendly Version HEU is pressing health employers on the key issues of pay equity, workforce retention and an extended work week — all arising out of government legislation...Read More
Printer Friendly Version THE HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES’ UNION has agreement from B.C.’s health employers to improve members’ bumping options severely curtailed by Bill 29 in January, 2002...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Wage double standard will only drive away front-line health care workers While front-line health care workers have been forced by an imposed contract to ta...Read More
Printer Friendly Version The Interior Health Authority’s decision to build a stand-alone laundry in Salmon Arm, while working toward keeping Nelson’s laundry service in-house, is a...Read More
Printer Friendly Version IWA Local 1-3567 showed no evidence of representing workers, says LRB In a significant decision by the Labour Relations Board today, the “partnership agree...Read More
Printer Friendly Version HEU, health employers discuss financial impact of strike in BC Supreme Court THE HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES’ UNION will learn on June 11 whether it will be fined f...Read More
Printer Friendly Version HEU local hopes “pink slip” campaign goes provincial HEALTH CARE WORKERS have given Peace River South MLA Blair Lekstrom his layoff notice.Read More
Printer Friendly Version Supporters laud HEU members for courage in anti-Bill 37 fight TRADE UNION leaders and representatives from student, faculty and seniors groups, have contin...Read More
Printer Friendly Version 1. Why did the HEU Provincial Executive decide against going to arbitration? In arbitration all benefits would be up for grabs. Members and the union would...Read More
Printer Friendly Version HEU members, public united in condemnation of vicious BC Liberal legislation TWO WEEKS after the BC Liberal government introduced back-to-work legislation...Read More
Printer Friendly Version AS 43,000 front-line health care workers returned to their jobs on May 3 in the wake of an imposed settlement, HEU members throughout the province wrote le...Read More
Members are encouraged to attend one of the meetings listed below. Hear directly from the HEU provincial executive about what developed during the late hours of Sunday night that r...Read More
Printer Friendly Version The Hospital Employees’ Union and its bargaining partners met with health employers and government representatives Monday afternoon to deal with the afterm...Read More
Printer Friendly Version B.C.’s labour minister has rejected a request by the Hospital Employees’ Union to extend the deadline by which the union could opt for arbitration on the d...Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union and its labour partners in the facilities subsector have secured a meeting with the Health Employers Association of B.C. to discuss extending the dead...Read More
Printer Friendly Version The Hospital Employees’ Union is asking the provincial government to extend the deadline by which the union can opt for an arbitrator to determine how comp...Read More
March 2004 Health unions tell HEABC to stop firing health care workers during bargaining and reconsider their concessions package. Health employers refuse. Another 2,500 health car...Read More
Memorandum of Agreement between the Government of British Columbia and the Health Employers' Association of BC and the BC Federation of Labour and the Facilities Bargaining Associa...Read More
LRB OrderRead More
BURNABY — Many angry and fed up CUPE members plan to walk off the job Friday in protest of the B.C. Liberal government’s regressive legislation against hospital workers. “Go, go, g...Read More
On Saturday, May 1, HEU members throughout British Columbia are encouraged to join events celebrating International Workers’ Day. May Day is a time when working people throughout t...Read More
Printer Friendly Version March begins at 11:30 am on Sunday, April 25 A BROAD COALITION of community organizations in Vancouver is calling on pro-choice supporters throughout the L...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Wage rates reflect advances in experience requirements, says HEU AFTER FOUR YEARS of mediated union-management discussions, an arbitrator has finally award...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Victoria stages public protests; VIHA Board meeting disrupted in Nanaimo It may have been April Fools Day, but health care workers from Victoria General an...Read More
Printer Friendly Version As the BC Liberal axe falls on vital women’s services throughout the province, HEU locals can offer moral and financial support by joining the women’s cent...Read More
Printer Friendly Version `Stop contracting out’ rally in front of KCC at 4:00 p.m. today as laid-off staff work their last shifts CARE AIDES from Kiwanis Care Centre in New Westmin...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Funding for agency’s work should be a “no brainer” for health employers at the bargaining table says HEU B.C.’S HEALTH CARE UNIONS and employers — as partn...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Abbotsford Times article reveals litany of horror stories about contracted housekeeping A front-page story in Tuesday’s Abbotsford Times revealed a litany...Read More
HEALTH CARE WORKERS reacted swiftly this week to the Vancouver Island Health Authority’s decision to fire more than 1100 front-line staff in south and central island facilities, an...Read More
Printer Friendly Version Freedom of expression is “a vitally important element of the British Columbia labour relations system” — LRB rulingRead More
Printer Friendly Version AN AGREEMENT REACHED earlier this month with Northern Health has resulted in the scrubbing of privatization plans while preserving decent jobs and quality...Read More
THE BC LABOUR RELATIONS BOARD has granted an interim order to the Vancouver Island Health Authority related to HEU members who sat in at Victoria General and Royal Jubilee Hospital...Read More
Printer Friendly Version THE HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES’ UNION will continue discussions with Interior Health on March 16 to find ways to keep laundry services and decent jobs in Interior...Read More
Printer Friendly VersionRead More
click here to download the LPN Handbook in pdf format. How to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in B.C. In the midst of B.C.’s ongoing nursing shortage, the Hospital Employees’ Uni...Read More
Printer Friendly Version The Northern Health Authority has come to an agreement with the Hospital Employees’ Union and other health unions that will involve front-line health care...Read More
Printer Friendly Version HEU says solutions can be found at the bargaining table THE HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES’ UNION is calling on the Vancouver Island Health Authority to respond to the...Read More
Board finds that contracting out is 'a legitimate subject for political expression’ On October 23, 2003, three HEU members at Holyrood Manor — a private for-profit seniors’ care fa...Read More
Decision hailed as victory for community social services workers Community Social Services’ workers scored a major victory last week when the Labour Relations Board rejected the em...Read More
A major investigative report by Monday Magazine in Victoria points to falling standards of care in a Salvation Army owned facility, just months after dozens of HEU members lost the...Read More
AFTER REJECTING a $21 million cost-saving proposal from its workers, the Vancouver Island Health Authority has yet to respond to a union request to put on hold plans to privatize h...Read More
More than 100 health care workers and supporters turned out to a public leafleting session outside Victoria’s Royal Jubilee Hospital on January 28 to mark the second anniversary of...Read More
Speakers cite law’s negative impact as health authority continues contracting out MORE THAN 400 people marched down Vancouver streets on January 28 in opposition to 2 years of heal...Read More
AS PART of an extensive tour of the province, an upbeat and optimistic NDP leader Carole James met with HEU’s Provincial Executive for more than 60 minutes Jan. 21. James says she...Read More
Special meetings for community social service workers postponed Mediated talks are set to resume in the aftermath of an unprecedented employer vote to lock out community social ser...Read More
FRONT-LINE health care workers in the Okanagan have forestalled the launch of a tendering process to privatize laundry services in that region. Following two work stoppages at Kelo...Read More
Unions urge employers to keep bargaining UNIONS REPRESENTING community social services workers are urging employers to remain at the bargaining table rather than lock out workers a...Read More
NORTH VANCOUVER’S district council will be communicating their opposition to the privatization of public health care services, following an appeal from concerned seniors and front-...Read More