Newsletters for 2011

HEU's Living Wage Campaign continues to educate the public about the impact poverty-level wages have on workers, their families and communities.Read More
The HEU Provincial and Regional offices will be closed during the upcoming holiday season. All of our offices will be closed on December 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 2011 and January 2, 201...Read More
About 30 HEU members working in community social services, many of them new activists, gathered in Victoria on November 30 and December 1 to elect a new bargaining team and prepare...Read More
It was 22 years ago on December 6 that our country was horrified by the worst targeted mass murder of women in Canadian history. It’s now etched in our minds as “the Montréal Massa...Read More
Nearly 30 HEU delegates from B.C.’s community health sector gathered at the union’s Provincial Office on December 1 and 2 to debate and prioritize bargaining demands submitted by l...Read More
The theme of this year’s World AIDS Day – December 1 – is Do Something . See CUPE’s newsletter on World AIDS Day 2011Read More
[Download a printer-friendly version here] BCNU has filed a number of applications to raid LPNs from HEU and other unions. But as predicted, they left out most affiliates and they...Read More
With a little more than a week left in the legal raid period, the BCNU is trying to create some badly needed momentum to bolster their second raid attempt, which has failed to gain...Read More
Nearly 300 HEU delegates have wrapped up two days of lively debate at the union’s 19 th Facilities Bargaining Conference in Vancouver. And they equipped their newly elected bargain...Read More
Rarely a month goes by where there isn’t a national headline about a teen suicide, a bullying incident, or a hate crime. The media is doing its part to raise awareness about the de...Read More
With two weeks to go, BCNU organizers are ramping up their aggressive raid tactics in the workplace, desperately pursuing LPNs at all times of the day and night. HEU secretary-busi...Read More
Today, Hospital Employees’ Union locals across British Columbia will celebrate the vital, yet often behind-the-scenes, role of the 10,000 clerical workers on their health care team...Read More
As part of HEU’s ongoing work with the Living Wage Campaign, the union has put together a survey for members covered by independent contracts – such as Compass, Aramark, Sodexo, In...Read More
We’re pleased to announce the winners of our 2011 CUPE Communications Awards! There were more entries than ever this year. Our communicators showed us what a great job they do in t...Read More
October 18 has been proclaimed as the first-ever Health Care Assistant Day in British Columbia. Listen to our radio adRead More
HEU has signed another agreement, this time for Vancouver Island pharmacy technicians, to support those members pursuing regulation with the College of Pharmacists. Similar agreeme...Read More
Members of the BC Federation of Labour will gather at the Vancouver Art Gallery at 12:00 noon, Saturday, October 15th, in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement's call for...Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union will join in solidarity with our international trade union sisters and brothers on October 7 – World Day for Decent Work – to speak out against low wa...Read More
HEU is the most diverse union in health care with more than 270 job classifications within the facilities sector. But as participants at the union’s pre-bargaining conferences disc...Read More
On Sunday, October 2, 2011 HEU was finally able to reach an agreement with your employer that meets the union’s primary objective – ensuring that as many members as possible are ab...Read More
HEU has signed another agreement to support pharmacy technicians pursuing regulation with the College of Pharmacists. The new agreement covers BC Cancer Agency Pharmacy Technicians...Read More
Nearly 160 representatives from the union’s patient care family met in Richmond (September 27-29) to prepare for bargaining through a series of member-based occupational conference...Read More
Health employers are moving ahead with plans to consolidate pharmacy services in the Lower Mainland with a target date of March 2, 2012. It’s part of a massive reorganization of va...Read More
More than 80 HEU clerical representatives gathered from across the province on September 22 and 23 as part of the union’s occupational conference series to prepare for 2012 facilit...Read More
About 60 HEU members representing the patient care technical team met at the union’s Provincial Office on September 20 and 21 to set the stage for next year’s bargaining as it pert...Read More
About two dozen trades and maintenance workers from across the province gathered at the union's Provincial Office September 15 and 16 for their pre-bargaining conference. The facil...Read More
Since our last update on August 11, HEU has been in ongoing discussions with Compass and Marquise regarding job security options for members laid off as a result of changes in the...Read More
More than 50 HEU support workers from across the province gathered September 13 and 14 at the union’s Provincial Office to talk about the valuable contribution they make to the hea...Read More
HEU has concluded two agreements to support pharmacy technicians pursuing regulation with the College of Pharmacists. The agreements include seniority-based conditional conversion...Read More
The FBA Education Fund is once again accepting long-term and short term training applications after securing a new round of funding from health authorities. Long-term applications...Read More
BCNU has issued a statement complaining about our union's advocacy for our independent professional interests as nurses.Read More
When HEU members report for duty, they expect to return home safely at the end of their shift. But even with B.C.'s occupational health and safety (OH&S) regulations securely in pl...Read More
Be sure to take some time today to recognize the HEU members on your health care team who provide support services in acute care hospitals and long-term care facilities throughout...Read More
Despite the dismal summer weather, HEU's Living Wage Campaign activists have been out in full force throughout the province – attending multicultural events, marching in pride para...Read More
As you are aware, many changes are happening for HEU members working for Compass at Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) sites. With the exception of Compass Crothall staff at...Read More
HEU is in the process of finalizing a number of agreements with health employers that will provide support to pharmacy members who are considering upgrading their qualifications to...Read More
Locals are reminded to submit their Facilities Bargaining Conference (formerly Wage Policy) delegate credentials and accommodation forms to the Provincial Office by 5:00 p.m. on Mo...Read More
On July 7, HEU and its partners in the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) met with health employers and arbitrator Vince Ready to resolve a number of issues related to the int...Read More
HEU’s secretary-business manager Judy Darcy announced today that she will be seeking the NDP nomination in the provincial constituency of New Westminster in order to run in the nex...Read More
A health care education and training fund managed by HEU and other unions in the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) will receive a further $1.25 million in funding from health...Read More
Care aides, community health workers and other front-line caregivers will be formally honoured for the work they do looking after British Columbians in long-term and acute care fac...Read More
As a proud supporter of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, HEU is once again helping to bring progressive music and culture to the weekend event. This year, HEU has joined with fiv...Read More
If your work site hasn’t already selected representatives – based on your local’s entitlement – for the union’s fall occupational pre-bargaining conferences, you have until 5:00 p....Read More
HEU members will be joining in Pride events in communities across B.C. this summer. For a list of upcoming events in your community, visit .Read More
An evening screening of the documentary film on seniors’ care in B.C., The Remaining Light , drew more than 50 people to a downtown hotel in Kamloops on June 22. The event, cospons...Read More
With the provincial government set to make significant changes to the regulations governing Licensed Practical Nurses, more than 60 LPNs gathered at HEU’s provincial office on June...Read More
CUPE newsletter: CUPE is proud to celebrate National Aboriginal Day on June 21 with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters across the country. The important date celebrates the cultur...Read More
HEU and the multi-union Facilities Bargaining Association say that B.C.'s health employers are disregarding the collective agreement rights of health care workers as they reorganiz...Read More
As part of HEU’s ongoing work with the Living Wage Campaign, the union has put together a survey for members covered by independent contracts, such as Compass, Aramark, Sodexo, Int...Read More
More than 100 delegates representing HEU members from long-term care and assisted living facilities gathered in Richmond June 5 to 7 to share their experiences and map out a bargai...Read More
The multi-union Facilities Bargaining Association is working with the Lower Mainland Facilities Management to gather the expertise and knowledge of Lower Mainland trades and mainte...Read More
The union’s four-year campaign to champion living wages for all workers is picking up steam across the province with a number of exciting events and public forums. HEU regional vic...Read More
If you are an HEU member who is enrolled in the Municipal Pension Plan (MPP) you are being advised to carefully review your Member's Benefit Statement when it arrives in June to ma...Read More
CLC Newsletter: Today is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Twenty-one years ago on this day homosexuality was removed from the International Classification...Read More
The Hospital Employees' Union earned five awards for graphic design, writing and campaigns at the annual Awards Banquet for the Canadian Association of Labour Media held May 7. CAL...Read More
In this excerpt from the Spring 2011 issue of the Hospital Employees’ Union newspaper, The Guardian, Margi Blamey takes an up-close look at the warning signs of a psychologically u...Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union has received an assurance from Compass that they will continue to honour the current collective agreement it has signed with the union at those seven...Read More
CUPE newsletter : This year’s National Day of Mourning for workers killed and injured on the job is just around the corner. CUPE is calling on members and locals across Canada to t...Read More
BC Community Living Action Group (BC-CLAG) press release (Vancouver): A "Families First" agenda for British Columbia should include listening to families who are struggling to supp...Read More
Marquise Group, the company recently awarded a housekeeping and food services contract for seven Vancouver Island Health Authority care facilities, has been purchased by Compass Gr...Read More
Nearly 500 HEU members working in medical imaging in the Lower Mainland will have a single employer on May 13. It’s the latest in a series of service reorganizations that have take...Read More
Seven CUPE members died on the job last year. That’s the most since 1998. In the latest issue of Health and Safety Update , Rex Hillier, co-chair of CUPE's national health and safe...Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union met today with B.C.’s newly appointed health minister, Mike de Jong, to raise a number of issues of concern to union members. It was the first opportu...Read More
Health care unions have written B.C.'s new health minister, Mike de Jong, asking for his assistance in fully implementing a provincial regulation that would allow LPNs to play a bi...Read More
Pharmacists represented by the Health Sciences Association were informed today of consolidation discussions that will impact about 425 HSA-represented pharmacists in Lower Mainland...Read More
B.C., trade unionists are strong and proud as they gather at the Peace Arch in solidarity with Wisconsin public sectors workers after that state's government recently attacked coll...Read More
Our national union takes an indepth look at Tuesday's federal budget. Can an election be far behind?Read More
Judy Darcy told Bank of Montreal shareholders Tuesday that they should support Wisconsin workers' right to free collective bargaining.Read More
CUPE newsletter: For CUPE members and for people around the world, March 21 has become an important symbol in the struggle to end racial discrimination in all its forms. The Intern...Read More
International solidarity event will bring trade unionists from B.C., Washington, Oregon together to support workers’ rights in wake of Wisconsin’s anti-labour legislationRead More
Slam poets set the tone and guest speakers, including best-selling author Linda McQuaig , provided the context for more than 120 HEU sisters and brothers representing our five equi...Read More
2011 is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day (IWD) and HEU salutes the generations of women who have paved the way for greater equality and a better world.Read More
CUPE representatives will attend February 26 rally in Madison to support Wisconsin’s public sector workersRead More
When bullying enters the work environment, it becomes a systemic problem that affects everyoneRead More
Close to 500 HEU members to be transferred to new health authority employers because of the latest round of restructuring in Lower MainlandRead More
HEU joins labour and community allies in advocating for improved employment standards for workersRead More
Workers injured in Comox. HEU on Abbott’s promised review of fee increases. New website for community social services – and more.Read More
BC Health Education Foundation provides $2.5 million grant to B.C.’s health authorities for programsRead More
HEU’s Provincial Executive (P.E.) has extended the deadline for members to apply to February 4 due to a lack of applicationsRead More
Important new data on the relationship between private, for-profit ownership and quality of care in residential long-term care facilitiesRead More
Health employers in the Lower Mainland provided the Facilities Bargaining Association (HEU and other unions in the sector) with formal notice January 11, 2011 of their intention to...Read More
Information for HEU members working in Desktop Management Services whose jobs are contracted out to ISM CanadaRead More
FBA reaches deal with health employers to provide additional opportunities for members who work in Desktop Management ServicesRead More
On January 1, another rate increase went into effect for seniors living in B.C.’s long-term care – a 93 per cent hike since the Liberals took office in 2001Read More