Newsletters for 2014

Since 1950 – when the United Nations declared December 10 th as International Human Rights Day – activists around the globe use this day as a reminder of the immense work still req...Read More
Twenty-five years ago today, Canadians from coast to coast were deeply shocked and saddened by the biggest mass killing in our nation’s history. It was December 6, a brisk winter d...Read More
Today, people around the globe are recognizing the International Day for Persons with Disabilities – a day that was established by the United Nations to create awareness, understan...Read More
On December 1 – World AIDS Day – more than a dozen countries will participate in an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign by lighting landmark locations in red, the colour used to symbolize...Read More
CUPE NATIONAL – Over half (53.5 per cent) of those who experience domestic violence report that at least one type of abusive act happened at, or near, the workplace. More than 40 p...Read More
Transgender Day of Remembrance is observed on November 20 to recognize and honour members of the trans community who have been murdered for expressing their gender choice – those l...Read More
On day four of convention, BC NDP leader John Horgan gave a rousing speech to delegates that put HEU and NDP values front and centre. Recognizing HEU’s dedication over the years, t...Read More
On day three of the union’s 29 th biennial convention, delegates re-elected Victor Elkins as HEU president and Donisa Bernardo as HEU financial secretary. “I’m humbled,” Elkins tol...Read More
Delegates to the 29 th biennial convention of the Hospital Employees’ Union have re-elected Victor Elkins as the union’s president for a second term. Elkins is a cardiac perfusion...Read More
In her final convention address, outgoing HEU secretary-business manager Bonnie Pearson reflected on the union’s proud history and challenged delegates to consider HEU’s future.Read More
In honour of HEU’s 70 th anniversary, this year’s convention opened with a rousing rap-infused rendition of the union’s signature anthem, “Heart of Health Care.” Throughout the day...Read More
B.C.'s health minister issued a letter to health workers late Friday addressing concerns that have been raised about the health care system's preparedness for possible Ebola patien...Read More
HEU will provide a one million dollar interest-free loan to the BC Teachers’ Federation as part of an $8 million dollar loan package established by unions affiliated to the B.C. Fe...Read More
(This press release was issued by the BC Health Coalition and Canadian Doctors for Medicare. HEU is a member of the BCHC) The BC Health Coalition and Canadian Doctors for Medicare...Read More
HEU and Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services have agreed to extend the deadline for conversions under an agreement covering Regulated Pharmacy Technicians. HEU members now have until N...Read More
HEU has secured a meeting with B.C.’s new Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie to discuss a range of problems affecting staff and residents in the province’s long-term care facilities...Read More
HEU’s 29 th Biennial Convention will be taking place at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver Hotel from November 2 to November 7. During convention, delegates will debate and vote on propos...Read More
CUPE NATIONAL - From October 2013 to March 2014, CUPE members across the country, including HEU members, were asked to participate in a survey on the hazards of working alone . And...Read More
The Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) has reached an agreement with the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) to address some problems in the implementation of the Pharm...Read More
In the last round of bargaining, the multi-union Community Bargaining Association (CBA) successfully negotiated “comparability increases” to be applied to approximately 80 per cent...Read More
CUPE newsletter Monday, June 23 is a global day for workers to celebrate and advocate for quality public services.Read More
Ratification votes on the 2014-2019 tentative agreement for HEU members in the Facilities subsector wrapped up on Friday, June 20. Ratification votes for some other Facilities Barg...Read More
HEU members are receiving the HEU Member Self Identification Survey in their mailboxes and the completed surveys are pouring back in to the union’s Provincial Office. Where did the...Read More
Following HEU’s successful grievance regarding the Vancouver Island Health Authority’s handling of HCA/care aide postings at Royal Jubilee and Victoria General Hospital earlier thi...Read More
June 21 marks the day where Canadians come together to celebrate the unique heritage, traditions and contributions First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples bring to our country’s cul...Read More
For the past 10 years, HEU’s Pink Triangle Standing Committee has recognized the International Day Against Homophobia – May 17– as part of its member and community outreach. The th...Read More
It’s National Nursing Week and the Hospital Employees’ Union is marking our members’ seven decades of delivering bedside nursing care. DOWNLOAD THE POSTERRead More
The Hospital Employees’ Union picked up two national awards – Best Overall Print Publication and Best Poster – during a ceremony hosted by the Canadian Association of Labour Media...Read More
Since 1985, the Canadian labour movement and allies have gathered together from coast to coast on the International Day of Mourning – April 28 – to remember and honour workers inju...Read More
CUPE NATIONAL – Today marks the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh. More than 1,100 garment workers lost their lives in this tragedy and another...Read More
They are often behind the scenes performing “invisible” jobs, but nearly 10,000 members of HEU’s clerical team provide a vital role in delivering quality care to British Columbians...Read More
We face a global challenge. Climate change impacts are already widespread and consequential. The most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, prepared by sc...Read More
WorkSafeBC has denied a request from 13 health care employers, including B.C.’s health authorities, to amend the required annual fit-testing of N95 filtering facepiece respirators...Read More
For seven decades, the Hospital Employees’ Union has championed workers’ rights and advocated for social equality on an international scale. That’s why HEU is proud to support Inte...Read More
The Enhanced Disability Management Program (EDMP) was negotiated by the multi-union Community Bargaining Association (CBA) and the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) in the...Read More
By today’s global standards, Canadians live in a world of diversity, where citizens are free to express their religious beliefs, practice their own culture, and love whomever they...Read More
CUPE newsletter: March 22 is World Water Day – a day to step up our work defending public water and wastewater services. We can all take action in our workplaces and in our neighbo...Read More
B.C.’s frontline community social services workers and agencies help build safe and caring communities that support everyone, when needed, especially our most vulnerable. Community...Read More
On March 8, 1857, female garment workers in New York City took to the streets to demand better working conditions, a ten-hour day, and equal rights for women. This event is now wid...Read More
Not even the unrelenting snowfall prevented an estimated 150-plus concerned citizens and trade unionists from gathering at a Campbell River rally on March 2 to condemn the mass sta...Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union encourages members throughout the province to join in solidarity with other labour and community partners to protest against harassment and bullying o...Read More
“We Make It Happen” is the theme of this year’s HEU Patient Care Technical Day. It’s a day for our union to recognize the critical services our patient care technical members provi...Read More
The B.C. Labour Relations Board has dismissed applications by the Pulp and Paper Workers’ Union of Canada to raid trades and maintenance workers at three hospitals. The decision wa...Read More
[CUPE newsletter] OTTAWA – The federal Conservatives’ obsession with generating a budget surplus is coming at far too high a cost to Canadian workers. Cutting public services to pa...Read More
SafeCare BC, the new health and safety association for the long-term care sector in British Columbia, wants front-line care workers’ feedback on occupational health and safety trai...Read More
The province-wide Enhanced Disability Management Program (EDMP), jointly negotiated by the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) and the Health Employers Association of BC, will...Read More
The Hospital Employees’ Union says that the Vancouver Island Health Authority has completely mishandled the posting of care aide positions at Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hos...Read More
HEU support workers carry out critical roles on the health care team in housekeeping, dietary, laundry, transportation, and in the supply chain. But these jobs are often invisible...Read More