Newsletters for 2018

The B.C.’s government’s January 8 announcement about its plans to raise the minimum wage to $15.20 an hour was welcomed by the Hospital Employees’ Union (HEU) and other advocates f...Read More
The B.C. Ministry of Health announced today it will make prescription medicines more affordable for low-income, working families, by reducing or eliminating PharmaCare deductibles....Read More
Recently, a special mailing was sent to HEU locals in the facilities and community social services sectors with a call to submit bargaining demands and delegate credentials to atte...Read More
Community Social Services Employers’ Association and Community Social Services Bargaining Association have agreed on the distribution of the April 1, 2018 Comparability and Classif...Read More
HEU congratulates Jacquie de Aguayo on her appointment as the new chair of the B.C. Labour Relations Board (LRB) and Employment Standards Tribunal (EST). de Aguayo De Aguayo is a f...Read More
Every February, HEU/CUPE celebrates Black History month (also known as African Heritage month) when we pause to reflect on the efforts of the many union activists and community org...Read More
In preparation for public sector bargaining – covering more than 40,000 HEU members in the facilities, community health and community social services sectors – HEU is launching a p...Read More
The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority’s recent decision to put its Attendance & Wellness Promotion (AWP) program “on hold” is welcome news to all those who have strongly opposed t...Read More