2001 pay equity increases settled as another step taken to erase gender-based wage discrimination

Most HEU facilities members will receive $30 a month boost retro to May 1

About 98 per cent of HEU members covered by the facilities sector contract will benefit from 2001 pay equity increases of up to $30 a month, after union and HEABC officials wrapped up negotiations earlier this month.

It’s the first installment in the current 2001-2004 facilities agreement, which will be followed by a further adjustment in 2002, and in 2003. Negotiations with HEABC on these adjustments are close to being completed.

The 2001 adjustments are retroactive to May 1, 2001 and HEABC has notified employers to begin calculating retroactivity and implement new rates. There are a few exceptions to the $30 a month increase that most full-time members will gain. Additional funds have been targeted for two classifications that are furthest away from their pay equity target rates, with the highest percentage gap. Switchboard operators will receive a $75 a month boost, while food service supervisors will receive an additional $115 per month.

Food service workers — who prior to the adjustments were almost at their pay equity targets — will receive a smaller increase that ranges from $5 to $13 per month, and bring these workers fully to their target rates.

And a small number of classifications, like biomed techs and systems analysts, will receive no pay equity adjustments because pay rates for these classifications are already at or above the equity target rates because of previous special adjustments won by the union.