2011 CUPE Communications Awards winners announced

CUPE newsletter

CUPE Vancouver 2011 ConventionWe’re pleased to announce the winners of our 2011 CUPE Communications Awards! There were more entries than ever this year. Our communicators showed us what a great job they do in their locals to keep CUPE members informed. 

Good communication at every level of our union is a must to ensure solidarity and strength. From the smallest local right up to the national office, our communicators share important happenings in our workplace and in our communities. 

Here are the winners:

English Newsletters

Less than 300 members: CUPE 556 (Courtenay, B.C.), CUPE Connector, Cheryl Sellers and Greg Berube 

300 to 1,000 members: CUPE 2081 (Victoria), The Pressure Point, Sukhie Bangarh

 1,000 to 3,000 members: CUPE 3909 (Winnipeg), The Spark!, Brian Latour and George Buri 

More than 3,000 members: Co-winners: Hospital Employees’ Union (Burnaby, B.C.), Guardian, Patty Gibson/CUPE B.C. (Burnaby), Public Employee, Daniel Gawthrop

French Newsletters 

Less than 300 members: NO WINNER 

300 to 1,000 members: SCFP 2960 (Montréal), Action-Info, Felix Béland, Sylvain Lemieux 

1,000 to 3,000 members: SCFP 2815 (Montréal), Le Signal, Jacques Denommé

 More than 3,000 members: SCFP 429 (Montréal), ColBlanc, Gérald Brosseau

English Websites 

Best content: CUPE 3902 (Toronto), cupe3902.org, Mike Skinner and Wayne Dealy 

Best design: CUPE 79 (Toronto), cupelocal79.org, Tor Sandberg 

Best overall: Hospital Employees’ Union (Burnaby), HEU.org, Sharon Neufeld 

French Websites 

Best content/Best overall: SCFP 429 (Montréal), sfmm429.qc.ca, Jean-René Usclat and Michèle Blais 

Best design: SCFP 1294 – SEUQAM (Montréal), seuqam.org, Chantal Bourgeois 


Best photo: Co-winners: Jonny Sopotiuk, CUPE 3909 (Winnipeg)/Rick Bujold, SCFP 301 (Montréal)

Thanks to all the communicators who entered. And thanks to all the communicators that keep our union strong. We hope you’ll enter next time, in 2013!