Additional options available to members facing layoff in Desktop Management Services

HEU members working in Desktop Management Services (DMS) – whose jobs are contracted out to ISM Canada – have the ability to exercise the seven options available to them under the facilities subsector collective agreement, as well as an additional option which enables laid-off members to follow their work.

A recent agreement reached between the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) and health employers provides impacted members with the opportunity to accept a job offer from the IBM subsidiary and port their service and seniority.

Members exercising this option will be represented by the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU), the certified bargaining agent for ISM Canada.

“Option 8” provides members who accept a position with ISM Canada with the following:

Regular seniority – Employees’ seniority with their previous health authority-employer will be recognized and calculated in accordance with the facilities contract. Regular seniority lists of affected employees from health authority-employers will be merged with the regular seniority list of current ISM Canada employees in the bargaining unit represented by BCGEU.

Casual employees – If casual employees are hired, their hourly seniority will be recognized and they will be offered employment as an ISM Canada Auxiliary Employee.

Leaves of absence – Employees who are on a leave of absence will be offered employment by ISM Canada when they return to work at the conclusion of their approved leave.

  • Those who are returning to a Rehab Trial or a Gradual-Return-to-Work period will remain with their current employer until it has been determined they are able to return to work, at which time they will be offered employment with ISM Canada.
  • Those who are on Long-Term Disability Leave will be offered employment if they return to work with their current employer within 19 months after their LTD began, and if they remain at work without a recurring illness for six months. This does not apply to affected employees returning from sick leave.

Duty to accommodate– Members covered by “Duty to Accommodate” agreements will receive offers of employment.

Pension – ISM Canada employees will become members of the Public Service Pension Plan.

Probation – Employees who have not completed a probationary period with their current employer will be required to complete their probation when hired by ISM Canada.

Hours of work –Under the ISM Canada collective agreement, employees work 75 hours bi-weekly.

Sick leave – Under the ISM Canada collective agreement, employees will be covered by the Short-Term Illness and Injury Plan (STIIP) plan instead of the FBA’s Sick Leave Plan.

Benefits – Employees will not be required to serve a qualifying period for benefits unless they have not completed the qualifying period with their current health authority-employer – in which case, they will only be required to complete the remaining portion of any ISM Canada qualifying period. Details of the benefits programs are outlined in the ISM Canada collective agreement.

Vacation – Current vacation entitlements will be recognized. Where vacation entitlements are greater than ISM Canada’s collective agreement, vacation will be frozen. Earned, but unused vacation will be paid out by health authority-employers. 2011 vacation banks will be calculated on a pro-rated basis, beginning on the first day of employment with ISM Canada. Where possible, ISM Canada will try to honour approved vacation for 2011, using leave without pay, where necessary.

Collective agreements – ISM Canadawill provide employees with a link to the BCGEU website for copies of the existing collective agreement.

Wages – Offers of employment will be for comparable positions wherever possible, and will be matched as closely as possible to current ISM Canada classifications. Hourly wage rates currently paid to affected employees will be maintained.

Retained seniority – Members who accept employment with ISM Canada will also retain their seniority with their previous health employer for a period of two years.

HEU members wanting more detailed information about “Option 8”, or the seven options contained in the facilities contract, should contact their HEU servicing representative.