Advocacy garners increased education dollars for nurses

LPNs encouraged to seek out training opportunities at local level

Additional training funds for licensed practical nurses — the result of a $1.7 million increase over last year’s $5 million budget for nursing strategies — are being welcomed by HEU as an important investment in the quality of patient care British Columbians receive.

HEU has persistently lobbied for stronger educational support for B.C.’s LPNs through such avenues as the government’s Nursing Advisory Committee and the Nursing Human Resource Working Group.

“Given the critical role LPNs play in our health care system, we have consistently called upon government to provide the training dollars individuals need to expand their skill base,” says secretary business-manager Chris Allnutt.

“I encourage all LPNs to take advantage of the needed educational opportunities these funds provide.”

The strategy’s components include:
  • $100,000 for pharmacology education for LPNs, up from last year’s allotment of $20,000
  • $800,000 for recruitment of non-practicing nurses (including LPNs) and grants to help individuals complete academic and ESL courses, up from $225,000 last year
  • $3 million ($500,000 for each health authority) for specialty and continuing education, up from $450,000 or $75,000 per authority last year.
Given each health authority’s autonomy in directing how these funds will be spent, however, LPNs are encouraged to lobby at their local level to ensure they are included in any initiatives for nurses.

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