Agreement reached for HEU members affected by contracting out Desktop Management Services

The multi-union Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) has reached an agreement with health employers to provide additional opportunities for HEU members who work in Desktop Management Services (DMS) and may be impacted by amove to contract out jobs to ISM Canada, a subsidiary of IBM.

Last September, health employers served notice to the FBA  that they intended to contract out DMS. The parties have been engaged in discussions since then, and the FBA made it clear to employers that these services should not be contracted out.

Despite this, health employers proceeded to negotiate with ISM Canada and IBM to take over Desktop Management Services.

Late last night, the FBA signed off on an agreement to ensure members were protected to the greatest extent possible through this process.

The comprehensive Letter of Agreement provides an additional option – the facilities collective agreement already has seven options – for members impacted by contracting out. “Option 8” would enable HEU members to follow their work and become employees of ISM Canada, porting their service and seniority.

Information and details of the agreement will be made available to impacted members in the coming weeks. Please check HEU’s website for updates.