Pharmacy Technician Supervisor benchmarks to be implemented

Next steps include matching of supervisor positions to new benchmarks

The Hospital Employees’ Union (representing the Facilities Bargaining Association) has reached an agreement with the Health Employers’ Association of B.C. for the implementation of two new benchmarks – Pharmacy Technician Supervisor I and Pharmacy Technician Supervisor II. 

The agreement deals with benchmarks for supervisors charged with the supervision of regulated Pharmacy Technicians. 

The Final Settlement and Implementation Agreement, signed off on February 14, includes a process by which health employers will match pharmacy supervisor positions to one of these benchmarks based on the duties and responsibilities of the incumbent.

Notice of the matching will be provided in writing by the employer to the incumbent, as well as to the union and HEABC, within the next 30 days. This notification will also include the effective date of the reclassification as outlined below.

Under the agreement, an impacted employee will qualify for and be classified to the appropriate benchmark, as of the date the employee both: 

(a)  becomes a Registered Technician; and

(b)  supervises a Registered Pharmacy Technician. 

Once criteria (a) and (b) have been met, and the supervisor provides proof of their own college registration, the employer will implement the classification. The effective date of reclassification will be the date at which the College of Pharmacists deems the supervisor to be registered.

The agreement also addresses the transition period for supervisors who are not regulated themselves, but are supervising regulated Pharmacy Technicians. They will be paid at the Grid 33 rate until they secure College registration as a Pharmacy Technician. 

Any implementation issues or disputes arising out of the agreement will be jointly addressed by the parties, subject to the appeal process contained in the Maintenance and Classification Manual and the Facilities collective agreement. 

If supervisors have any questions or concerns regarding the employer’s proposed match they should contact their local steward or HEU servicing representative for further direction.

The finalization of the Pharmacy III and Pharmacy IV benchmarks (representing the supervision of Pharmacy Assistants) remains outstanding. These benchmarks will be referred to a Classification Referee for final determination of wage rates. 

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