Arbitrator awards final wage rates for facilities Rehabilitation Assistants, Program Coordinators

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Final wage rates for the facilities subsector Rehabilitation Assistant,Program Coordinator I (formerly Activity Worker III) and Program Coordinator II(formerly Activity Worker IV) benchmarks have been determined by classificationarbitrator John Kinzie.

Language and wage rate changes were negotiated during the “Page209” benchmark series review in 2008 and 2009 for affected members in theFacilities Bargaining Association.

These three benchmarks received an “interim” rate, retroactive toApril 1, 2008, in the implementation agreement. The unions took the issue ofthe final wage rates before Kinzie in classification hearings held on April 12and 22.

Kinzie awarded the followingrates:

Rehabilitation Assistant

Grid 25 ($22.96/hour)

The interim rate was Grid 22 ($21.94). The rate before the review began was Grid 18.

Program Coordinator I

Grid 27 ($23.65)

The interim rate was Grid 26. ($23.32). The rate before the review began was Grid 25.

Program Coordinator II

Grid 30 ($24.68)

The interim rate was Grid 30. Kinzie did not award a higher final rate. The rate before the review began was Grid 28.

These new wage rates will be effective July 23, 2010, the date thearbitrator published his award.

Kinzie was clear that his decision was based on classificationprinciples: “… the current pay scale and its internal equities weighed againstthe significance of the change in duties and responsibilities reflected in thenew or revised benchmark.” He also applied the same principles where job qualificationswere changed in a benchmark.

The unions expect that employers will implement these wageadjustments as soon as possible. Should there be problems in receiving thesenew rates, contact your local shop steward.