BC Fed mobilizes consumer action in support of locked out Telus workers

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The BC Federation of Labour is calling on union members across the province to start cancelling their call features and automatic bill payments in support of locked-out Telus workers. And it has pledged financial support for the TWU.

“The Telecommunications Workers’ Union’s first priority is protecting decent paying jobs. There’s only one way Telus will get serious about bargaining — that’s consumer action,” says B.C. Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair.

“If Telus thinks they can starve out these men and women, they’re wrong,” he says.

The TWU is in its fifth year without a collective agreement.

The union’s president Bruce Bell points out that Telus made profits of $242 million last quarter despite their claims of an unworkable collective agreement.

“Telus management needs to get the message that their plan to rip up collective agreements and cut jobs in BC just isn’t acceptable,” he says.

HEU president Fred Muzin says health care workers are united in their support of locked- out Telus workers.

“We stand in solidarity with our TWU brothers and sisters,” says Muzin. “We understand only too well the injustice they are experiencing. And we know first-hand the devastating impact contracting out has on workers, families and communities.”

Sinclair and Bell have promised to step up action if Telus doesn’t return to the bargaining table.

For more information and updates on the Telus lockout, got to the BC Fed’s website at www.bcfed.com and click on “Telus — Another Wrong Number.”