BCNU’s failing raid enters final weeks

With two weeks to go, BCNU organizers are ramping up their aggressive raid tactics in the workplace, desperately pursuing LPNs at all times of the day and night. 

HEU secretary-business manager Bonnie Pearson says she commends HEU members for their patience, professionalism, and the support they are giving their LPN colleagues in the face of increasingly provocative behaviour by some BCNU organizers.


“From all our contact with LPN members, it’s clear to us – as it is to BCNU – that the vast majority of LPN members do not want to become divided from each other, or from their union,” says Pearson. 

“So it’s not surprising that in these final days LPNs are literally being hounded to sign a card, on shift and at their homes, by some BCNU organizers.” 

At the same time, Pearson took issue with the BCNU leadership for its offensive rhetoric demeaning the work performed by other members of the health care team. 

“It’s been particularly shocking and disappointing that BCNU would resort to undermining the thousands of skilled, dedicated health care workers who make quality care possible in our hospitals and long-term care homes,” she says. 

“From the labs, through admitting, to the kitchens and our nursing units, it is respect and teamwork that makes or breaks our collective ability to deliver quality care.” 

Pearson says at this point, in what has become a long, divisive and increasingly mean-spirited raid by BCNU, HEU members are strengthening relationships with one another and demonstrating “an incredible level of solidarity, right across the union, that will not only see us through these final days of BCNU’s raid, but will be a tremendous asset as we head into bargaining in 2012.” 

HEU is taking steps to rein in BCNU’s aggressive behaviour. You can help. If BCNU’s activities are disrupting your worksite, or if you know someone who has been subjected to BCNU’s extreme pressure tactics, please contact Maire Kirwan at: 1-800-663-5813.