BCNU’s statement on Labour Board ruling inaccurate

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As you know, the BCNU admitted last month that they failed to garner enough support among LPNs to continue their raid on HEU and other unions.

A subsequent attempt to avoid the consequences of an unsuccessful raid also failed on February 10 when the B.C. Labour Relations Board (LRB) denied BCNU’s request to withdraw their raid applications.

On February 22, the BCNU issued a statement claiming that the LRB had delivered a ruling allowing their raid application to continue.

The LRB has made no such ruling.

In fact, the LRB released a report on February 17 from the Industrial Relations Officer (IRO) confirming that BCNU did not produce enough valid signed membership cards to allow their primary application (province-wide) to proceed.

The IRO report also confirmed that each of their six alternate applications (based on individual health authorities) also failed to demonstrate majority support from LPNs.

In their February 10 ruling, the LRB sided with HEU, BCGEU and the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) who all opposed BCNU’s last-minute attempt to dodge the consequences of their failed raid.

Under B.C. labour law, if the LRB now moves to dismiss BCNU’s raid applications outright, they will not be permitted to make another application for HEU LPNs for 22 months.

BCNU’s further claim – that the LRB has decided against dismissing their raid applications – is also false.

In fact, the LRB’s February 10 ruling states that “if BCNU’s raid applications are dismissed for lack of requisite support based on the IRO Report,” the 22-month time bar will apply.

All parties, including BCNU, are now awaiting the LRB’s final decision on this matter.